Monday, May 21, 2018
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Here’s the rest of the story

A well-known radio personality used to talk about “the rest of the story.” This saying needs to be applied to the District 20 superintendent of schools.

During a recent group tour of the school complex, the superintendent spent time describing how low the cost per student is. What he failed to mention is that the numbers he was boasting about do not include the capital cost of bond issue repayment. When asked about whether the numbers he was so proud of included the bond repayment costs, he said no, and brushed off the question and quickly moved on to something else.

An analysis of my tax statement on the family farm shows that the bond repayment adds nearly another 25% to the taxes collected by District 20. Does the claim made about being the lowest per student cost among over 200 other schools still apply when “the rest of the story” is considered? That question needs to be answered honestly and publicly.

I think the whole truth needs to be told, not just that part which sounds so good. After all, taxpayers pay the entire bill and not just the part which “sounds good.” Of course, if he would like to remove the rest from my tax bill, then I would be quite happy to use that money for something else.

Public officials have an obligation to be totally honest with the public. I strongly suggest that it is time the superintendent of  District 20 begin to be totally honest on such matters and not essentially deceive the public. While it may look good on his resume when he moves on, it essentially harms the taxpayer.

Ron Klein, Berthoud, CO

Editor’s note: The taxpayers of District 20, on March 27, 2001, approved an $11.4 million bond issue to build a new junior-senior high school. A total of 68% of those voting approving the project which passed 1016-478.


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