Monday, June 18, 2018
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Community trusts Teahon

In response to your letter to the editor in regard to the cost per pupil at Gothenburg Public Schools, I would invite you to visit the following web address

If you look at this site, prepared by the Nebraska State Department of Education, you will see the values Mr. Teahon referred to during your tour of the school. This table shows the cost per pupil of every public school system in Nebraska. I believe during 2010 only eight of the 255 school systems in the State had a lower cost per pupil than did Gothenburg. This is something that as a member of the District 20 Board of Education that that I am proud of.

Mr. Klein, this letter, nor the facts as presented in the DOE’s data, are not intended in any way shape or form as an attempt to challenge your interpretation of data or change your opinion of the Gothenburg Public School district. Nothing I could say would change your opinion and likewise nothing I have ever read in your letters has ever changed my mind. Nevertheless sir, you are entitled to your opinion as am I.

That being said, Mr. Klein, make no mistake, when you publicly question the honesty of my superintendent you go beyond opinion and I will take you to task. I could write hundreds of examples that illustrate the honesty and integrity of Mike Teahon but I don’t have to. All anyone has to do is ask somebody who knows him. They will all say Mike Teahon is one of the most reputable people they know. Are there people who disagree with his decisions of the district? Of course there are; that comes with the job. Rational people can disagree without attacking the other’s character. Mr. Klein, you may disagree with what Mr. Teahon said during your tour of the school and that is your right. But when you distort what he said to the point of publicly questioning his honesty and integrity that is low and shame on you.

You, sir, are wrong and you owe Mike Teahon an apology.

To the people of the district, please allow me the following:

Mr. Klein’s letter states that public officials need to be honest. I would like to talk about another virtue that supersedes honesty and that virtue is trust. During the process of hiring a new superintendent which resulted in the selection of Mike Teahon, someone asked me what is the most important characteristic a candidate can have. I said, the most important characteristic any superintendent can have to have the trust of the board and the district. Mike Teahon has that trust.

At Gothenburg Public Schools we are entrusted with the education of your children and the prudent use of your tax dollars. We take that trust very seriously. As president of the Gothenburg Board of Education I trust Mike Teahon to make the right decisions to continually maintain and improve the district. As a land owner I trust Mike Teahon to use my tax dollars as efficiently and effectively as possible. But most importantly as a parent, I have trusted Mike Teahon with the education of my children. I know he works everyday to earn your trust as well.

Scott France

President, Gothenburg Board of Education