Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Kudos to community, school

I have always been proud of growing up in Gothenburg, but now, even more so. Recently, 40 or 50 classmates of 1961, from 11 different states and all across Nebraska, from Alliance to Omaha, came together for our 50th-year high school reunion.

We had the splendid opportunity to take a couple tours. The Gothenburg school tour was guided by superintendent Mike Teahon, and the community tour by Matt Williams. If these two individuals are representative of your Gothenburg leadership, it is easy to see why you have grown and prospered, while many other Nebraska communities are, sadly, closing their doors.

The two leaders displayed incredible knowledge, passion, devotion and focus as they shared the vision and the philosophy of the school and community. Showing humility, each one spoke of the tremendous effort of Gothenburg’s many volunteer citizens and their willingness and interest in ensuring that whatever was needed could be accomplished.

The community should be applauded for long term planning to strategize, invite, recruit and support the best possible services to attract and keep families, from the schools’ excellent staff, facilities and community involvement to the business and farming community’s recruiting and supporting top notch companies, with financial and educational incentives in addition to recreational opportunities.

As expected, the reunion was most enjoyable; visiting and becoming reacquainted with many of the “best people” on earth. But what we did not anticipate was the feeling of great pride and pleasure many in our group expressed, as we walked in your hallways, and drove down your streets, and used your services. We found everyone welcoming and accommodating. Just seeing the growing, thriving, connected community of Gothenburg, where we developed our roots, was most rewarding. Keep it up! Pride renewed!

Elaine (Anderson) Peters