Friday, May 25, 2018
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Here are some real facts

MEDI-“SCARE” has now officially appeared in Nebraska. Yep, I heard it on KICX radio in McCook (how appropriate) last Saturday while driving to work at Quality Urgent Care, in McCook, from my home in Gothenburg.

Ben Nelson was “approving” a message from the Nebraska Democratic Party. In summary, he will vote to control costs but not “on the backs of our seniors.”

Medi-scare is a play on words. It is what the Democratic party wants to use to take our minds off the horrible economy, soaring deficits and rising unemployment.

The Democrats have nothing else to campaign on. They have to “change the subject.” And scaring seniors about Medicare and social security is what they have chosen to use in this election.

Now, here’s another new word, MEDI-FACT! It is a fact that Medicare is going broke. I’m turning 55 years old in October of this year. Without, substantial changes, Medicare will not be solvent in 10 years.

Here’s another fact, the suggested changes to Medicare do not affect our current seniors. They will continue on, as though nothing has changed. The only changes will be for those of us, not yet closer, than 10 years, to Medicare age.

And here’s another fact left out of the radio spot, “obamacare” will, in part, “pay for itself” by taking $500 million, (a half a billion dollars) out of, an already financially teetering, Medicare.

And finally, the most important fact, the fact that the Nebraska Democratic Party left out of their Medi-scare announcement…Ben Nelson is the reason that we have a brand new bureaucracy that will further bankrupt our economy. We have obamacare, because of Ben Nelson.

We all remember, the nation as a whole did not want this new “entitlement program,” but Ben took a $17 billion “bribe” and he was the vote that gave us obamacare. That whole episode didn’t pass the smell test. The quid pro quo for which that “deal” was all about is just the thing that makes us all dislike our senators and congressmen so much.

Well, Sen. Nelson, this Medi-“scare” angle also doesn’t pass the smell test either. It’s not the truth, and you and your Democratic Party buddies know it. So let’s get to the real issues for this campaign, to quote a Bill Clinton---It’s the economy….stupid!

Jay Matzke, M.D., Gothenburg

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