Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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SourceGas customers should look for refunds

This month, many SourceGas customers are seeing a credit on their bill for refunds, following the company’s recent rate change.

In March of this year, the Public Service Commission approved SourceGas’ plan to refund the difference between interim rates collected and final rates, which went into effect April 1, plus interest.

The company had filed for a rate increase in July, 2009. Interim rates were charged from Oct. 1, 2009, through March 31, 2011. Customers who paid for natural gas during that time may be eligible for a refund.

For people who are no longer customers but entitled to a refund, SourceGas is mailing notices. In order to receive a refund, customers who qualify must follow the instructions on the notice to request a check.

“Customers who have moved should watch their mailboxes, and should contact the utility if they don’t receive a notice,” commissioner Jerry Vap of McCook said.

Some customers will not be eligible. Customers who were not receiving service during the interim rate period, those who had a prior balance that had not been paid, and those who were on a fixed-monthly bill pricing option during the interim rate period will not receive a refund.

Additionally, for some customers, the actual rates they paid were less than the final approved rates, and no refund is owed.

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