Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Statewide forums offer health care info

Four more interactive video presentations by Trudy Lieberman, a nationally recognized health care journalist, will offer information about the U.S. healthcare system: its strengths, its weaknesses and potential changes and reforms.

The presentations are organized in partnership with the University of Nebraska College of Journalism and Mass Communication, the Nebraska Hospital Association and the Nebraska Press Association. The partnership’s goal is to address the misinformation, disinformation and lack of information about the health care system in the United States.

Every community with a hospital and/or a public health department will have video access to these interactive presentations. Contact the closest hospital or public health department to reserve a seat for any of these interactive presentations.

The sessions will run from 3-4:15 p.m. and will be available at all hospitals in Nebraska and most public health departments via the Nebraska Statewide Telehealth Network televideo linkage in their respective telehealth rooms (limited seating is available in each location).

All panels will be rebroadcast by NETV after each panel session.

The topics include:

Thursday, Sept. 29—How can we better protect our patients? Focus: Patient safety inside our health care delivery system

Panelists include: Marshall Allen, staff reporter for ProPublica; Steve Smith, M.D., Chief medical officer at The Nebraska Medical Center, and president of the Nebraska Coalition for Patient Safety; Helen Haskell, citizen injury activist from Georgia; president of the patient advocacy group Mothers Against Medical Error and co-director of the non-profit Empowered Patient Coalition; Jeffrey D. Selberg, Institute for Health Care Improvement; Mark Anderson, Lincoln Journal-Star health reporter

Thursday, Oct. 20 - What are the real politics of Medicare and Medicaid? Focus: Medicare/Medicaid Issues (present and future)

Panelists include: Mike Konz,, editor of the Kearney Hub; Ted Marmor, professor emeritus in three units of Yale University: Schools of Management, Law and Political Science. Author of 11 books and over 200 articles; Bonnie Burns (invited); Tricia Neuman, senior VP of the Kaiser Family Foundation, executive director of the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Program on Medicare Policy, and director of the Foundation’s Project on Medicare’s Future

Thursday, Nov. 3—Dealing with death and dying? Focus: End-of-life Care issues for all generations

Panelists include: Joanne Kush, RN, MS, CHA, vice president of hospice and pharmacy with VNA in Omaha and current president of the Nebraska Hospice and Palliative Care Association; Toby Edleman, Center for Medicare Advocacy; Kent Warneke, editor and vice president of the Norfolk Daily News; Mike Berens, investigative reporter for the Seattle Times, who has worked in Columbus, OH, and Chicago doing health care features. He has received more than 100 national and regional awards.

Thursday, Dec. 1—What else makes and keeps people healthy? Focus: What do communities and citizens need to know and do to maintain health?

Panelists include: Sen. Mike Gloor, Nebraska Legislature, vice chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, and former hospital CEO of St. Francis Hospital in Grand Island; Andrew Holtz, MPH, Portland, OR, former CNN medical correspondent and now an independent journalist in Portland. Books include: House M.D. vs Reality, The Real Grey’s Anatomy, other books and articles on health and health care; Stacie Hamel, editor,; Kay Oestmann, president, Public Health Association of Nebraska