Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Dress code should be fair

Why is some clothing deemed profane and considered inappropriate compared to the revealing clothing which seems to be overlooked?

Every school across the nation has a dress code, and in those schools more than half the students want to wear clothes that conflict with the code. All those schools have problems with people disobeying the rules of dress, but here at my school of Gothenburg High School it seems to be a constant struggle for the code to be enforced correctly. Here at “good old GHS” lately (well ever since I’ve gone to school here) the dress code has not been enforced to its full potential.

I will give an example: in our dress code it is stated “shorts, skirts, or skorts that do not reach mid-thigh or longer will not be permitted,” yet I walk down the schools halls and see many girls wearing shorts and mini skirts that are shorter than mid-thigh.

However, my eighth grade year here I was confronted by the principal who told me that the “hangings” on my pants were not permitted because of the spikes in them. What she did not know is that the spikes were fake and were made out of rubber.

I believe that the dress code needs to be consistently enforced, to not be biased and ultimately to be updated to suit the changes in fashion. What some kids are wearing is  being overlooked because of lack of a newer dress code and constant enforcement.