Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Classic Greek theatre with monsters, witches, takes stage

GHS one act includes bit of everything.

Frightening monsters and witches. Fearsome gods and goddesses. Cool stage effects.

While watching “The Adventures of Perseus,” this year’s Gothenburg High School one-act production, the public can travel to the top of Mount Olympus and travel back to earth again.

“You’ll see a little bit of everything,” said director Lori Long, “It’s classic theatre in Greek tradition with comedy, love, heroism and the killing of Medusa and the Kraken.”

In the story, one of the great Greek heroes, Perseus (Jeramie VanAcker), overcomes seemingly impossible challenges that includes the slaying of snake-haired Medusa and the Kraken—a giant, multi-armed and scaled creature.

Cale Moore, who plays King Midas, describes the stage as unique.

“It’s so basic that we have to come up with unique ways to act things out,” Moore said.

MacKenzie Brand (Enyo of the Gray sisters) agreed, noting that a metal frame holds actors and actresses who—with visual effects such as strips of material waved for water—help the audience imagine what’s happening.

With a flutist and storytellers, who narrate, Brand said the play is performed much like it was by the ancient Greeks.

“It’s authentically illustrated,” noted Josh Clark who plays Dionysus.

Carson Messersmith, who portrays Polydectes, said there’s also much dry humor scattered throughout the play.

Humorous parts have also happened in serendipitous ways.

Cast members told of how VanAcker pulled Medusa’s foam head from a bag and the wig toppled off.

Clark, in practice, has also fought the Kraken with brooms.

Brett Mann, who plays Dictys, said the cast has fun.

“Because of that, emotion is high,” Mann said. “We have fun in a serious way.”

For Long, she said the biggest challenge has been working around cast members’ schedules and the addition of the contest in Cozad.

“I’ve felt more pressure with time this year compared to other years,” she said. “These kids are involved in everything.”

The cast has performed the play three times competitively—in Loup City, Cozad and Tuesday at the Gothenburg Invite where eight teams competed.

Morgan Kowalewski and Ryan Ostendorf received best supporting actress and actor medals.

Noted for outstanding performances were Clark, Mann, Cody Cooper, Kaitlyn Meyer and Bailey Gibbens.

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