Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Students invent, explain, promote creative ideas

Teenagers can have some pretty crazy ideas sometimes but when challenged to come up with an invention, explain it and market it, Brady students built on ideas that hit close to home for them.

Sophomore English students worked in groups to come up with an invention they could persuade others to try. It was part of a writing assignment in teacher Brian Fleming’s class.

Inventions covered a broad range. One was a mechanical stock fence that electronically moves to squeeze livestock through, from one place to another, without workers coming in contact with the animals.

Another took the hassle out of recycling with miniature solar-powered railroad systems to take plastic and other recyclable materials to their destinations.

Fleming said he wished there would have been time for the students to actually construct their projects but they were limited to PowerPoint presentations.

Judges rated the group projects for presentation, information, advertisement and pitch.

The winners designed a three-dimensional video gaming helmet that allows players to actively participate in PlayStation or Xbox games.

“It was something different than the average writing assignment to help make the elements of persuasive writing a little more concrete,” Fleming said.

Members of the winning group were Chris Porter, Eric Roe, Donnie Trisdale and Austin Widick.

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