Sunday, April 22, 2018
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Village rental fees increase on Jan. 1

It has been four years since rental rates for the Brady Community Center have been reviewed.

In that time, cleaning fees and utility costs have risen dramatically.

To keep up, village trustees have decided to increase the rental rates for the center beginning Jan. 1.

During their regular monthly meeting on Dec. 14, trustees voted to increase rental fees 10% for all renter categories, from out-of-town weddings to local meetings.

At the same time, board members agreed a regular review, with planned annual increases, would better serve the village.

“This is going to be sticker shock in a way,” said board chairman Jeff Miller. “We’d be better off in the future, I think, to set an annual increase schedule.”

Community Center rental rates, last set in 2007, are divided into 12 different categories.

The highest fee of $250 is for an out-of-town wedding reception, reserving the center from Friday noon to Sunday noon.

At the low end, a local half-day shower costs $25.

A proposal presented to the board increased the cost for an out-of-town wedding to $325 and raised the fee for a one-day local event from $75 to $100.

“These look high,” said trustee Todd Roe. “I’m wondering if we’re going to deter people from using the Community Center at all.”

Rather than adopting the proposed increases, trustees chose instead to raise all category rates 10%.

That increases the top fee, for instance, from $250 to $275, not $325.

At the same time, trustees were in favor of increasing the deposit amounts required for all events, hoping to increase the accountability.

The new rates are effective Jan. 1. A complete list is available in the village clerk’s office.

In other action, trustees:

approved two payments totaling $3,088 from a Community Development Block Grant for investigative and grant application work associated with the sewer lagoon. Board members also finalized the financial report for the wastewater study grant.

authorized the chairman to move forward with refinancing the remaining five years of payments on the water tower to reduce the interest rate from 3% to 0.7%. Refinancing will cut payments from roughly $11,000 to between $6,000 and $7,000.

voted to give the clerk a $200 Christmas bonus while paying full-time and part-time maintenance employees $50 each. Trustees discussed changing the bonus from an annual holiday payment to a merit-based award but made no decision.

chose to renew a sewer sinking fund certificate of deposit worth $21,386 at a rate of 1% for six months.

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