Monday, May 21, 2018
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Clinic nearly done before the deadline

Gothenburg Family Practice employees hope to move in second week of January

Burning the midnight oil and weekend work helped employees of Sampson Construction almost finish a $2.9 million doctor’s clinic a week ahead of schedule.

The Lincoln-based construction company was issued a certificate of occupancy Friday .

That means the structure is completed enough so clinic employees, as well as construction workers, can occupy the building, according to project superintendent Mike Millo.

Millo noted that inspections by the state fire marshal and building inspectors precede the issuance of the certificate.

“We have a way of pulling off things toward the end of a project,” Millo said. “In three to four weeks we always make it work at the end even though it may seem like a bomb hit the building.”

What’s unusual about the completion of the 18,000 square-foot building, which is part of Gothenburg Memorial Hospital, is that construction stopped for about five weeks in May when rain flooded a hole dug for the foundation.

Rain raised the moisture level in the pit scooped out for the basement, causing its banks to erode and the soil to be unsuitable for testing.

“Our subcontractors were very positive and saw that it (the deadline) was an attainable goal,” Millo said. “We all worked hard together and kept on pushing.”

Millo said architects from the Omaha firm Prohaska & Associates will inspect the facility Wednesday (today) and “odds and ends” would be left to finish after Dec. 30.

Kayleen Dudley, assistant GMH administrator, said some examination tables have been moved into the new clinic, adding that employees and furniture would move after a final cleaning. She said the move would most likely occur the week of Jan. 9-13 with an open house scheduled Jan. 28 or Feb. 4.

GMH officials will do a walk-through of the addition and Millo will remain on site until “everything is 100%,” he said.

“We want everything to be good and the facility to be beautiful,” he said.

He noted that Sampson keeps superintendents on the job until projects are finished as part of the relationship they like to establish with owners.

In another 11 months, he said Sampson representatives and hospital officials will do another walk-through as part of the warranty program built into the contract.

GMH board members approved the building of the clinic because of a need to recruit younger doctors and because of cramped conditions at Gothenburg Family Practice.

In the existing structure, which is also attached to the hospital, three doctors and two physician’s assistants lease space.

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