Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Frito-Lay receives $250,000 grant

For the company’s commitment to Gothenburg, Frito-Lay recently received a $250,000 grant from the Community Redevelopment Authority.

Frito-Lay plant manager Scott Bartels accepted a check during a local city council meeting Dec. 20.


Last September, the council voted to give the grain-handling facility a $250,000 grant, from local sales tax money, to help offset $3.8 million in improvement costs.


To insure a better quality and safer product, plus safety for employees, Bartels said a corn-cleaning system was put in after a dryer fire caused $1.5 million in damage at the plant two years ago.

Three new giant aspirators, that clean the corn, were operational in October for this year’s harvest.

“We’ve seen an improvement in cleanliness and plant efficiency,” he said.

Bartels thanked city officials for their support of Frito Lay, noting that the company intended to stay for a long time.

The grant agreement is between Frito-Lay and the redevelopment authority.

A requirement of the grant is that Frito-Lay keeps assessed valuation above $12,500,508 —the assessed value of the plant for 2011—until 2020.

If the value falls below that minimum, the agreement states that the company must make up the tax difference and pay it to the RDA.

City clerk Connie Dalrymble said Frito-Lay recently repaid two loans to the redevelopment authority, totaling $800,000, that was placed in the city sales tax fund. A grant was then given to Frito-Lay, she said.

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