Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Improvements boost valuation

Estimated total building permits issued in 2011 tops $11 million.

A $1 million building, rising along Cottonwood Drive, plus $9.9 million in improvements to businesses elsewhere in the city, boosted the estimated value of new construction to $11,874,000 in 2011.

The figure, based on estimates of value from what people calculate project costs when applying for building permits, is the third highest since values were recorded, beginning in 1982.

It represents a 301% increase over last year’s estimate of $2,959,460 which city officials said was driven by a sluggish economy.

In 1995, the highest value—$18,688,136—was calculated from the value of building permits issued in the city, followed by $17,557,432 in 2002.

Sizeable projects by local businesses included installation of a a corn-cleaning system at Frito-Lay, the building of a doctor’s clinic at Gothenburg Memorial Hospital, renovation of the Community Building, improvements to a downtown building and construction of new bins by Nebraska Salt & Grain, the erection of a storage tank and dry fertilizer storage at All Points Cooperative, construction of a hanger at Gothenburg Airport and an addition to Eastside Animal Hospital.

Frito-Lay, S & S Auto Parts Inc. and the Farmland Service Coop fertilizer building contributed to the record amount in 1995.

City officials say high estimates are significant because they indicate whether or not the community is experiencing growth.

The biggest single project in 2011, for which a building permit was issued, was for a 16,000-square-foot structure in which ENRON Properties will store tires and have office space.

Businesses making changes or additions included LandMark Implement Co., the city police department, Brand Electric & Grain Equipment Co., bulk storage added to Central Platte Agronomics Inc. and bins at Nebraska Salt & Grain Co.

One permit was issued for construction of a single-family home that accounts for $150,000 in estimated value.

No permits were requested in 2011 for the building of duplexes or triplexes.

Owners of 10 residential properties applied for building permits to improve structures, estimated to cost $51,850.

Compared to last year, local residents were busy making improvements to yards and adding storage.

Permits to build 10 storage sheds were issued for an estimated $118,565 of new construction.

New garages or additions to garages account for $83,565 of new building.

Building permits for 14 patios, decks or carports had an estimated value of $21,724 with another $19,400 for the construction of 16 fences.

With the exception of new homes and businesses and additions or changes to those structures, the city issued 85 permits in eight different categories compared to 109 permits in 10 different categories in 2010.

Permits in 2011 were issued for such things as the building of patios, decks, carports, garages and sheds, the installation of signs and canopies and the moving of structures.

There were seven request for building permits in the signs and canopies category, that totalled $118,565 in estimated value.

In the miscellaneous category, nine permits were granted for pouring concrete for sidewalks, driveway expansion, parking, a basketball court and dog kennels.

Five permits were issued for demolition that included two homes, two garages and a motel and cafe.

During the past 10 years, the average annual amount of estimated valuation is $6,973,610.

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