Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Windmill dots Hilltop landscape

While growing up on a farm near Eustis, Dr. Craig Bartruff was accustomed to the clank of a windmill as blades sliced the air to pump water from the ground.

When his step-grandmother passed away years ago, he asked family members if he could move a windmill from her farm, which was north of Eustis.

With help from Jay Richeson, Bartruff hauled the equipment to Hilltop Estates Care Center, a business he owns in Gothenburg.

“I wanted to erect it then but we never got around to it,” he said.

Fast forward to two years ago, when antique dealer Randy Stubbs of Maxwell, who owns Dala Horse Antiques in Gothenburg, took a look at the windmill and said he could restore it.

In December, the repaired apparatus was erected on the northeast corner of the nursing home.

“It’s a nice addition to our landscape and the residents enjoy seeing it,” Bartruff said.

In addition to the windmill, he said Hilltop employees have hung old pictures and placed other memorabilia in the care center to help bring back memories for some of the residents.

Although Bartruff didn’t know the age of the windmill, the 63-year-old said it had been on the farm as long as he could remember.

He added that they plan to add trees and other landscaping around the windmill.

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