Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Paving part of Commercial Street on one-year road plan

Water from heavy rain or melting snow has collected in Lucille Koenig’s yard at the corner of Commercial and Mathewson streets in Brady for years.

Grading, digging and attempts to reroute the runoff have helped temporarily but the water always seems to find a way back.

With the help of street superintendent Carla O’Dell, who works for the Lincoln County Department of Roads, village trustees have a plan that will hopefully take care of the drainage issues in that part of town.

During their regular monthly meeting on Feb. 8, Brady village board members adopted the one- and six-year road plan which includes paving Commercial Street from the fire hall east through the intersection at Mathewson.

O’Dell told board members that the $23,000 estimate, included in the road plan, is strictly for paving without taking any necessary grading into account.

She also explained that another much higher estimate by engineer Tom Werblow of North Platte included curb and gutter that is likely unnecessary.

The short paving project is the only one on the one-year plan.

O’Dell said once a project is adopted in the one-year plan, the village is making a commitment to complete it in the coming year with an option to put it off only one year if necessary.

Projects in the six-year plan are more visionary, she said, and can come and go.

Brady’s approved six-year plan includes paving Popleton Street from Market Street west and completing the loop by surfacing Wayne Avenue and Johnson Circle.

It also includes paving Locust Street from Popleton to Highway 30, as well as graveling the remaining non-paved streets inside Brady.

A one- and six-year road plan is adopted by the board of trustees each February.

In other business, the village board:

received a request from Don Knudsen to rezone a residential lot on the east side of north Vine Street just off Highway 30 to allow for a mobile home there. Since only three trustees were present at the meeting, they agreed to postpone discussion.

adopted the Twin Platte Natural Resources District’s multi-jurisdiction hazard mitigation plan which will allow a collaboration of agencies to apply for state and federal aid in the event of a natural disaster.

accepted the lone bid from Tom Shoemaker for the crank-start generator for $100.

postponed discussion of stop signs and speed limits until the full board is present.

voted to update the license form and peddlers occupation tax listing in village codes.

Peddlers, such as vacuum salesmen and other commercial sales people, are required by village code to make an application and pay a $10 per day fee to work in the village.

The peddler license had been required in Brady for many years but had not previously been enforced.