Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Ready for the kiosk

City crews remodel cemetery bathroom to house graveside locator

A dream of the Gothenburg City Cemetery board is finally coming true.

Since the first of March, the city crew has been readying a men’s bathroom to house a kiosk that will provide grave location information and more.

On Monday, crew members were almost done painting the bathroom-changed-into-kiosk shelter.

The kiosk is expected to arrive next week and be installed in an opening in a cement-block wall built by the crew.

A mechanical room, that will be accessible through the back, will house electrical equipment.

City services director Shane Gruber said the benefit to the community will be the ability, 24 hours a day, to look up gravesite information without having to go the city office.

The community can visit the touch-screen kiosk or access the information through a link on the city website.

Grave information will be updated by city sexton Tim Strauser.

At some point, city officials hope to allow families to put pictures of deceased loved ones and obituaries along with gravesite information on the kiosk.

Maps of graveside locations can also be printed from the kiosk.

Because the city installed an electric heater and vent (instead of a heat pump), to keep the room climate-controlled, the cost for the kiosk, installation and bathroom remodel will total about $18,250 instead of $20,050.

Ongoing maintenance of the kiosk and shelter includes $25 to $45 monthly Internet connection fees, $1,200 for yearly vendor or IT support and $1,200 for screen replacement every four to five years.

The city has budgeted $10,000 this year and promised another $10,000 in the 2012-13 budget.

KENO funds will also be used for the project plus $3,116 in revenue return from the Public Alliance for Community Energy. ACE is the natural gas supplier for the City of Gothenburg.

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