Monday, September 24, 2018
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Flight log books appreciated

Imagine my astonishment when I was notified by a very thoughtful friend who subscribes to the Gothenburg Times that an ad had been placed in the newspaper by the Gothenburg Airport stating that they had found numerous old pilot flight log books. The ad listed many names of pilots, including my dad, my uncle and one of my cousins whose flight log books had been in storage there for over 40 years!

Many of my childhood years were spent flying with my dad and my uncle. My dad, Kenneth Stapp, has been deceased since 1988. Along with my cherished memories of those days, I have all his flight school classroom items, his pilot’s license, and now thanks to the Gothenburg Airport, I have his pilot flight log book! In it is recorded in his own handwriting every flight that he ever commanded with points of departure and arrival, identification of the aircraft model and number, and remarks, procedures and maneuvers. I was overjoyed to read that I was his first official passenger he took on his first flight as a licensed pilot dated January, 29th, 19721

This is an amazing gift of inestimable worth and will be cherished for generations of my family for years to come all because of the kindness, generosity and goodwill of the Gothenburg Airport to allow family members to be able to go there and claim these valuable family heirlooms.

With genuine, heartfelt, immeasurable gratitude to all involved at the airport that brought this part of family history full circle for me,