Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Copper, brass heist at Gothenburg city yard

Thefts of large amounts of copper and metal are occurring across the state, according to local police chief Randy Olson.

And Gothenburg is no exception.

On the evening of March 27, or early morning hours of March 28, Olson said thieves climbed over a chain-link fence at a city yard and stole $30,000 of cooper and brass.

That amount also includes damage to electrical components.

“The selling of metal for scrap is the motive for these thefts,” Olson said.

At the city yard, south of the wastewater treatment plant on south Cottonwood Drive, Olson said the thieves cut the copper wire into sections, wrapped it with duct tape and threw the bundles over the fence.

Olson said police are viewing video from a surveillance camera and have several leads.

He added that the items taken are industrial sized and used in commercial work.

Although the area was secured, city administrator Bruce Clymer said he and other city officials are looking at more security measures.

The crime is featured in Crimestoppers this week on page A6.

Any information about the crime can be shared with police officers by dialing 537-3608 or through Crimestoppers, which is toll free 1-866-652-7383 or on their website at