Monday, June 25, 2018
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Foster team repeats as golf champs

A total of 42 teams battled for top honors during the 18-hole Memorial Day four-person scramble tournament at Wild Horse Golf Club.

The team of Preston Foster, Josh Weaver, Brian Schimick and Mike Shore repeated as championship flight winners shooting a 56 for a two-stroke victory.

The first flight was won by John Smith, Mike Skeen, Dick Strele and Brian Stock with a 63.

Taking the second flight with a 67 were Rodney Liljestrand, Kirk Kremer Kevin Hettenbough and Don Guenther.

The third flight was won by Craig Franzen, Eric Rice, Derek Franzen and Jamie Weyers.

Team captains and scores:


Preston Foster, Josh Weaver, Brian

Schimick, Mike Shore 28-28—56

Jeff Holm 30-28—58

Jeff Holsten 29-29—58

Alan Boltz 30-29—59

Dan Yancy 31-30—61

Pat Kellogg 31-31—62

Mike Nichols 31-31—62

Dave Hayes 33-31—64


John Smith, Mike Skeen, Dick

Strele, Brian Stock 31-32—63

Wade Geiken 31-32—63

Ed Fruit 32-32—64

Jared Burge 33-32—65

Corey Roth 32-33—65

LaMonte Schlake 31-34—65

Chris Graham 34-32—66

Jeff Harm 33-33—66

Rick Ackerman 32-34—66

Andrew Thompson 34-34—68

Jim Sedlak 36-34—70


Rodney Liljestrand, Kevin

Hettenbough, Don Guenther,

Kirk Kremer 32-35—67

Steve Thomalla 32-35—67

Jacob Bartley 33-35—68

Eric Chapman 34-35—69

Dave Rouzee 34-35—69

Ed Foster 34-35—69

Matt Weiss 34-35—69

Tyler Bullock 35-35—70

Tom Jobman 36-35—71

Dan Tinlin 37-35—72

Andy Hilbers 37-35—72


Craig Franzen, Eric Rice,

Derek Franzen, Jamie

Weyers 31-36—67

Cort Bullock 32-37—69

Kurt Stevens 34-36—70

Dan Scherer 32-38—70

Jon Ruyle 32-38—70

Trevor Anderson 35-36—71

Casey Bogue 34-37—71

Monty Bowman 35-38—73

Matt Mroczek 39-39—78

Jay Matzke 40-41—81

Cort Bullock 36-37—73

Kurt Stevens 37-36—73