Monday, September 24, 2018
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64th annual DC 4-H banquet highlights youth achievements

A total of 207 4-H members, parents and leaders attended the 64th annual Dawson County 4-H Achievement Barbecue held Nov. 14 at the Lexington Senior High School gymnasium.

Dale and Judy Biehl of Lexington received the 4-H Meritorious Service award for their lifelong support of the Dawson County 4-H program as 4-H parents, club leaders, Extension board members and 4-H Café volunteers.

The 2009 Bill and Van Kloepping 4-H Scholarship was presented to Marcela Lopez of Lexington.

Medals for excellence in several project areas were awarded to Samantha Schneider (C), Beef; Renee Otero (O), Horse; Dustin Renken (B), Poultry; Brennan Costello (G), Sheep; Travis Pieper (F), Swine; Tyler Block (C), Photography; Cicely Batie (L), Public Speaking; Natalie Dones (L), Clothing and Textiles; Martha Herrarte (L), Home Environment; Madison Costello (G), Food and Nutrition; Tyler Block (C), Gardening and Horticulture; Tyler Block (C), Shooting Sports; Jessica Finnegan (C), Computer Technology; and Stephanie Fin-ne-gan (C), Wood Science.

Winners of the “I Dare You” Leadership Award were Kristi Block (C) and Dustin Renken (B). The Outstanding 4-H Member Service Award sponsored by Nebraska 4-H Foundation was presented to Brennan Costello (G). Cicely Batie (L) was chosen to receive the Outstanding Junior Leader Award, presented in memory of Melvin Marshall.

Kole Berke (E), Arleigh Costello (G), Kaitlyn Kleinknecht (C) and Jessie Rudolph (G) received the 4-H Good Start Awards. Blaire Gibbens (G), Aaron Kreuscher (G), Jordan Lauby (C) and Alyssa Schneider (C) received the 4-H Great Job Awards.

State 4-H Camp/Conference Trip winners were Jacque Henderson (C), Tyler Block (C), Darcy Benjamin (L), Nissa Brown (S) and Blaine Petersen (C).

District curriculum $50.00 savings bonds sponsored by Dawson County Farm Bureau were awarded to: Kyle Kleinknecht (C), Animal Science; Samantha Schneider (C), Leadership & Citizenship; Madison Costello (G), Communication & Expressive Arts; Tyler Block (C), Environmental Education & Earth Science; Martha Herrarte (L), Consumer & Family Science; Bailey Gibbens (G), Healthy Lifestyles; Madison Costello (G), Plant Science; and Jessica Finnegan (C), Science & Technology.

District curriculum area medals were awarded to:

Animal Science—Kyle Kleinknecht (C) gold, Samantha Schneider (C) silver, Bailey Gibbens (G) bronze;

Communication & Expressive Arts—Madison Costello (G) gold, Ana Lopez (L) silver, Stephanie Finnegan (C) bronze;

Consumer & Family Science—Martha Herrarte (L) gold, Natalie Dones (L) silver, Mallorie Hernandez (L) bronze;

Environmental Education & Earth Science—Tyler Block (C) gold;

Healthy Lifestyle—Bailey Gibbens (G) gold, Rebecca Else (G) silver, Mackenzie McKeone (L) bronze;

Leadership & Citizenship—Samantha Schneider (C) gold, Alex Boryca (C) silver, Kyle Kleinknecht (C) bronze;

Plant Science—Madison Costello (G) gold, Tyler Block (C) silver;

Science & Technology—Jessica Finnegan (C) gold, Stephanie Finnegan (C) silver.

Three-, five- and 10-year 4-H members were recognized. Thirty-two 4-H members received their three-year pins and 25 members received their five-year pins.

Earning 10-year pins were: Aaron Block (C), Kristi Block (C), Shawnee Chase (C), Mark Hilderbrand (G), Jared Hodgson (L), Jayde Keiser (G), Jacey Lans (L), Matthew Lotker (C), Emily Max (G), Leann Morris (C), Josilyn Ocken (L), Sarah Purintun (O), Carrie Beth Reynolds (L), Rebecca Rickertsen (L), Jake Rohde (ED), Jared Shafer (O), Taylor Shotkoski (L) and Nolan Wilson (G).

Lengths of service awards were presented to 4-H leaders. The 4-H leaders receiving special recognition this year were: Susan Nichols (L) for 10 years; and Natalie Hart (C), Dale Henderson (C) and Renee Lauby (C) for five years.

In the 4-H Council election, Gary Petersen (C), Kanda Kleinknecht (C) and Shannon Peterson (G) were elected for three-year terms.

Bruce Treffer presented service certificates to retiring 4-H Council members Chas Berke (E), Tim Gibbens (G) and Mike Wolff (G) in appreciation for their contribution to the 4-H program.