Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Reject Kerrey’s smears, attacks

The continued assault on Sen. Deb Fischer by Bob Kerrey and his wealthy allies via the airwaves has compelled me to write today in her defense.

I’ve seen the ads accusing her of wanting to cut veterans benefits. I’ve seen the commercials accusing her of taking government handouts. I’ve seen the testimonials by Cherry County Democrats accusing her of being a bad neighbor.

None of it is true. As the daughter of a World War II veteran, Sen. Fischer has pledged to secure the future of our veterans who have served so honorably. Her family ranch and small business has been run with integrity and success. Her neighbors and friends in Valentine sent her to represent them in Lincoln for eight years. She has done a tremendous job serving them in the Unicameral, demonstrating bipartisan leadership.

What has caused Kerrey to advance this line of attack? I believe it is because his record is so at odds with the mainstream views of Nebraskans, his campaign simply cannot win on the issues.

Join me in rejecting these smears and vote for Deb Fischer on Nov. 6. Washington could use a little more Sandhills common sense.