Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Delivering thanks in a box of food

Stuffing mix, margarine and pie crust rode on top of a variety of canned goods along with eggs and bread.

Twelve boxes overflowing with food held everything to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal, except we carried the turkey and bag of potatoes separately.

It’s a heart-warming experience to deliver holiday food boxes to families that may not be able to put the whole spread on the table this week.

It’s also quite humbling to receive such a gift.

I’ve been on both ends of that scenario.

How does a person begin to write thank-you cards to all of the people in a community who have taken care of a neighbor like that?

I knew we could never pay back the generosity that came from others so my family decided to pay it forward instead.

Food pantry donations from all over town fill the boxes each year. We help as volunteers who deliver them.

It’s one thing to give non-perishable food items to someone anonymously through the pantry or another charity. It’s another to personally hand over a heavy load of goodies.

Nothing compares to tears of gratitude. To see the appreciation flow from a person’s face makes every second of preparation worth it.

And there are only a few lessons as important as teaching our children the gift of generosity, whether it is giving an extra can of green beans or an hour of our weekend.

When my family gathers around our table this Thursday we will say a prayer of genuine thanksgiving, grateful not only for our own turkey and pie but also for the opportunity to share with others.