Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Fire hall plans premature

(Regarding story: Plans for new fire hall taking shape, 1-2-13) First of all, I want it to be known that none of the Brady Rural Fire District board members approved any building plans or diagrams to be published publicly. In fact, there has been no plans officially presented to the rural board.

Some board members were handed a proposed floor plan from a Brady Fire Department member, however several were not. First, I’m not sure where Todd Roe thought he could propose a plan publicly and make comments about such a plan.

Secondly, the Rural Board negotiated a private land purchase agreement, then offered it to the Village of Brady to purchase. This was done because the rural board wanted to move forward with this project and the Village of Brady had not found or purchased property for a new fire hall. The village then voted to purchase the property as presented by the rural fire board.

Let it be understood that when the existing fire hall was built after a rural fire district was formed it was agreed upon by the Village of Brady and the Brady Rural Fire District that the village would furnish land for a fire hall and the rural district would build a facility.

Also let it be known that all of the fire fighting trucks and equipment are paid by rural real estate tax money and belong to the Brady Rural Fire District. Some trucks however, were helped to be purchased by grant money and much appreciated community donations.

Owners of real estate within the city limits of Brady are not taxed for any of the fire fighting equipment or trucks. The Village of Brady does, however, pay one half of the utilities and also makes a yearly donation to the rescue unit fund. The rescue units are community owned and self sustaining but the rural fire district does furnish housing for them in the fire hall.

I’m not sure where Mr. Roe got the idea that the old fire hall would be given back to the village, when first of all the village never has owned the fire hall and secondly the rural fire board has never officially discussed the issue. Also let it be known that the Brady Rural Fire Board members have not officially made any decision with anything to do with a new fire hall except negotiating the land transaction and asking the Brady Fire Department members to give the rural board ideas and input on a new fire hall building.