Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Too much talk; no action

Any business owners out there? Do you take advantage of legal tax breaks on your income tax return? Would you like your business to grow? If it did would you expect that you should still be able to take advantage of legal tax breaks? As your business grows, at what point do you become a “very wealthy” individual at an evil corporation? When do you lose the right to decide what to pay your employees?

Almost any business owner who itemizes deductions can deduct the expenses of using their car for business purposes. If these benefits shouldn’t be extended to more successful business owners with jets, I guess Congress should change the law. Democrats controlled all three branches of government for two years. They didn’t change the law. The chair of President Obama’s now defunct Council on Jobs, Jeffrey Immelt, is also chairman of General Electric. In 2010 GE paid no taxes on $14 billion in profits. Wow, what happened there? They took advantage of legal tax breaks.

Some in Congress have been working, others have not. I just looked at a webpage listing 40 jobs related bills passed by the Republican-controlled House, now in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s pocket, awaiting action by the Democrat-controlled Senate. Without looking further, I’m sure there are many more bills the House has passed. Two bills provided alternatives to going through with the sequester. Inaction at that point fell at the feet of Harry Reid and the Democrats.

The sequester “spending cuts” are not cuts. They are a reduction in proposed spending. Even with the reduction, the federal government is set to spend $15 billion more than they did last year. Seems like that would be enough to reverse the president’s decision to shut down tours of the White House.

His golf weekend with Tiger Woods cost taxpayers over a million dollars—enough to save 341 federal workers from furlough. If sequestration is the only way to cut Obama’s ridiculous spending, so be it.

Even if reductions in national defense makes us less safe. The military will have to find ways to be more efficient/less wasteful. It would be nice if the real driver of our debt—entitlements—could do the same. Far more jobs will be lost through Obamacare than sequestration.

I find it interesting that the House led by John Boehner and Eric Cantor passed the “No Budget, No Pay Act” on Jan. 23. One hundred ninety-nine Republicans and 86 Democrats backed the measure to place the salary checks for each member of Congress in escrow until a budget agreement is reached.

Nancy Pelosi called it a joke. Steny Hoyer called it a “political gimmick.” Harry Reid said the Senate would “seek to pass” it. President Obama would not oppose the bill if it reached his desk, knowing that will never happen.

The bloated federal government spends so much on unconstitutionality, it can’t deal with the constitutional powers (the job) entrusted to it. We voted for these people.