Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Celebrate agriculture

We just celebrated National Ag Week. First a big thank you to the Gothenburg Times for being such a great supporter of ag.

We all have a stake in the agricultural industry—because we eat. Producing food is a joint effort of production farmers and people in all sorts of other industries—banking, insurance, input supplies, manufacturers and distributors of food, etc. Agriculture is the backbone of the economy of the State of Nebraska so we all benefit when agriculture does well.

I do not know who said it but the following sums it up for us all: “With all our artistic pretensions, our scientific accomplishments, our increased understanding of the human condition, we (still) owe our existence to six inches of top soil and the fact that it rains.” Dirt and water and hard working people who plant the seeds for God to make grow so we can all eat.

American agriculture—embrace it. Celebrate it. Enjoy it.

Jo Anderson, President of Nebraska Ag Relations Council and member District 7 Farm Bureau Ag Promotion Committee