Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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What are homes worth north of Gothenburg?

Employees in the Dawson County Assessor’s office scratch their heads when it comes to real estate north of Gothenburg.

County assessor John Moore said they continue to struggle with the market for homes near Wild Horse Golf Club and, most recently, one erected north of the Gothenburg city limits.

“There aren’t enough sales (of homes in the same price range) to know what the market is,” he explained. “We need more than a couple of them and also what influence location has on the bottom line.”

For a supposed recessionary time, Moore said sales point to good growth not only in Gothenburg but throughout the county.

In fact, Moore said 2008 figures show $28 million in growth in the county—excluding TIF projects—which is about $10 million more than in 2007.

“This is real growth, new homes and buildings,” he said, noting that farmland—which continues to rise in value—is excluded from the increased valuation.

A chunk of the growth can be attributed to a piece of a Rockies Express West pipeline that runs through the county and is valued at $9 million, Moore said.