Monday, August 20, 2018
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Holsten wins third straight club title

Jeff Holsten of Gothenburg shot a four-under par 68 to win his third consecutive men’s club championship at Wild Horse Golf Club on Sunday.

Holsten torched the front nine with a 31. He only dropped one shot to par on the back shooting a 37 to finish the 18-hole tournament.

He has been crowned club champion four out of the last five years.

Three golfers finished 10 strokes off the pace of Holsten. Adam Aden shot a 40 on the front and a 38 on the back, to wrap up a round of 78. Andy Olson and Luke Rickertsen both shot 39 on the front and back, also finishing with a pair of 78s.

Jeff Baldridge won the second flight finishing two strokes ahead of Chris Graham. Baldridge scored 39 on the front and pulled into the clubhouse with an 80, after a 41 on the back.

Graham notched a 40 on the front and finished the 18-hole tournament shooting 42, and 82 for the round.

In the third flight, Noel Jacobsen topped the leaderboard with an 81, edging out second place finisher Gregg Anderson by two strokes.

Jory Flesch carded 82 to win the fourth flight with Jim Sedlak placing second in the group with 87.

The silver tee first flight was won by Ed Pelzer with scores of 39 and 39 for a 78 total. Terry Mann took home second in the silver flight with an 80.

The silver tee second flight was won by Jim Bebensee who shot a 43 on the front nine followed up with a 47, to finish with a 90 in the 18-hole tournament. Pat Hecox finished second shooting a 97.

A total of 58 men competed in the 18-hole club championship. There was no women’s tournament.

First Flight-Black Tees

1. Jeff Holsten 31-37—68

2. Adam Aden 40-38—78

Andy Olson 39-39—78

Luke Rickertsen 39-39—78

George Cornwell 39-43—82

Jackson Graham 42-40—82

Dan Yancy 43-41—84

Jake Peden 41-43—84

Roger Callan 41-43—84

Tyler Bullock 45-40—85

Second Flight, Black Tees

1. Jeff Baldridge 39-41—80

2. Chris Graham 40-42—82

Lyle Olson 42-41—83

Chris Healey 43-41—84

Todd Geiken 43-42—85

Shane Maxwell 47-42—89

Craig Franzen 46-49—95

Roger Koehler 50-47—97

Third Flight, Black Tees

1. Noel Jacobsen 39-42—81

2. Gregg Anderson 40-43—83

Karl Randecker 38-46—84

Jeff Harm 45-43—88

Corbett Hahn 45-44—89

Derek Franzen 43-46—89

Rob Ostergard 45-44—89

Kasey Bogus 47-47—94

Rodney Liljestrand 47-51—98

Zach Baker 58-49—107

Fourth Flight, Black Tees

1. Jory Flesch 41-41—82

2. Jim Sedlack 45-42—87

Cory Roth 48-42—90

Wade Geiken 46-44—90

Tim Peterson 45-46—91

Robert Schwanz 43-50—93

Jason Wagner 52-46—98

Seth Fenner 48-51—99

Doug Schmeeckle 53-49—102

Mike Preitauer 48-62—110

First Flight, Silver Tees

1. Ed Peltzer 39-39—78

2. Terry Mann 38-42—80

Doug Larson 36-45—81

Jack Holm 40-41—81

Steve Johnson 43-38—81

Kevin Boyd 40-43—83

Kent Fingerhut 39-50—89

Terry Fisher 46-44—90

Doug Jensen 44-50—94

Second Flight, Silver Tees

1.Jim Bebensee 43-47—90

2. Pat Hecox 49-48—97

Dick Thornton 45-53—98

Keith Graham 46-53—98

Dave Mann 46-64—100

Travis Coe 50-50—100

Dan Pfeifer 52-50—102

Monty Bowman 49-54—103

Josh Cool 57-47—104

Matt Connalley 54-77—131

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