Thursday, September 20, 2018
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GHS grad saves teen’s life

Schulz helps stop stabbing.

On Dec. 7, Ken Schulz set off in a field behind an Anchorage, AK, high school to practice his skate-skiing technique.

The 1979 graduate of Gothenburg High School and son of Jewel Schulz of Gothenburg was gliding along on cross-country skiis when two students ran toward him asking for help.

At about 50 yards away, the United Parcel Service pilot heard what sounded like a scuffle but didn’t know the seriousness of the situation.

“One of the boys said ‘We need help,’ ” Schulz said. “I thought they needed help to break up a fight.”

Schulz took off his skiis, called 911 on his cell phone and walked toward what he thought was a boy punching a girl.

“I yelled at him to get off her and then I realized he was stabbing her. There was blood all over,” he said.

Schulz then kicked the assailant in his back and tried to get him off the girl.

“He then came at me and slashed at me two times. He splattered blood on my glasses and face so I backed up,” Schulz said.

The attacker then jumped back on the girl while Schulz and two other high schoolers yelled at him to get off her.

Schulz said the assailant then started walking down a trail while Schulz followed him a ways to make sure he didn’t return.

All the while, Schulz was talking to the 911 operator, telling of the girls’ injuries and what the attacker was doing.

After the assailant left, Schulz said he realized the magnitude of the attack as he estimated 50 stab wounds all over her body.

“She was bleeding from her scalp so her face was red in blood,” he said.

Schulz also tried to talk to the victim which was difficult because of a stab wound to her neck.

When paramedics and police arrived, Schulz told them what he had witnessed.

After about an hour, the suspected assailant—16-year-old Nick Chamberlain—was captured.

Until then, Schulz said Robert Service High School, which son Garth attends, and an elementary school were locked down.

Court documents obtained by the Anchorage Daily News, identified the 17-year-old victim as an ex-girlfriend of Chamberlain.

An article about the attack said the victim actually suffered 29 wounds and was critically injured. She underwent surgery and is expected to recover.

According to the Anchorage News, Chamberlain allegedly lured his former sweetheart into the woods during a lunch break with the promise of a silver ring.

The newspaper article said he then told her to close her eyes and lift her head as he plunged a pocket knife into her neck.

Chamberlain has been charged with attempted murder.

For awhile, Schulz said he regretted not doing more to get the attacker off the victim until he found out no more signficiant injury happened after Chamberlain held her down the second time.

“Once he slashed at me, the situation changed and I felt compelled to stay with the 911 call rather than defending myself,” Schulz said. “I was also in ski boots which are a little unstable.”

Schulz and his family visited the victim in the hospital and said she was doing well.

Last Thursday, UPS gave Schulz a plaque which recognized him for his “selfless act of bravery.”

Schulz has worked as a pilot for UPS for 13 years and has been a professional pilot for more than 20 years.

He became interested in aviation while working for Roger Peden at the Gothenburg airport.

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