Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Cemetry stones in disrepair can be removed

Council updates cemetery rules and regulations.

If a monument, marker or other memorial in the Gothenburg cemetery falls into disrepair, city workers can remove it.

Cemetery board members can make that decision if family members of the deceased are notified and choose not to take action.

The regulation is part of other updated cemetery rules and regulations the Gothenburg City Council approved at a council meeting on Aug. 20.

City administrator Bruce Clymer said the rule is necessary to prevent a stone falling on someone or if a monument is in such disrepair that it degrades the cemetery.

Once contact is made with a family, the family has 120 days to make repairs.

Otherwise, cemetery board members will vote whether to remove the marker and if they do, a permanent marker will be placed with costs paid by the city.

Council member Duane Oliver, who also serves on the cemetery board, said three to four monuments might meet deterioration qualifications now.

Cemetery sexton Tim Strauser, who also is a council members, said most families want to take care of monuments needing repair.

Updated cemetery rules and regulations can be viewed at the city website at www.ci.gothenburg.ne.us.

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