Friday, September 21, 2018
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Foretelling the Future

Plus, a glimpse into the future from the past.

A hundred years ago, someone tried to see the world through a seer’s eyes.

He or she predict-ed travel through air, Christmas gifts delivered by airship drivers and city dwellers driven into apartment buildings that grow bigger and taller until they are skyscrapers by the year 2009.


These and other predictions—printed on page A9—were made a century ago and published in The Times.

To carry on a foretelling of the future, Gothenburg High School students were asked what they foresaw in for the holidays in 2109.

Here are a few predictions.


I think that in 100 years from now that Christmas won’t be that different. People will still spend time with their family and open presents, but the presents will be so much better!

Women will not have to cook for days to make one simple meal, they can just punch what they want into a computer and it will be made instantly.

People will not have to worry about traveling on icy roads, because eventually global warming will make it so there is no more snow. So, little kids will make sandmen instead of snowmen, and you can walk around in shorts and flip-flops instead of being so cold.


Christmas will never change its basic philosophy of give and be merry, but things that we give and how we give them will change.

Every day the world around us changes ever so slightly, whether it’s the way we practice our daily routines or how we travel, but every transformation hints at how the future may be.

Presents today are usually an iPod or some marvelous new video game with the villain being slain by the people’s hero, but what about our coming generations? What will they desire? Some may say a brand new, shiny, flying car—perhaps they’re right.

I believe that the kids in 2109 will have a much different taste in presents. The iPods of today will most definitely be replaced, but by what no one knows.


I think Christmas in a hundred years will be exactly the same as it always has been. Christmas is about family and giving, and honestly, in the future do you think anything like that will change?

Of course, some things can obviously change, such as the way we get to grandma or grandpa’s house to celebrate. Who knows, maybe we will be flying by then or connected by tubes that go throughout the city and drop you off at your destination.

The image of the jolly old fat man who drops down your chimney will probably not change at all. There will still be the same old reindeer and the same old sleigh, but the spirit of Christmas is never changing.

Christmas to me will always be the same, because it is about good tidings and being with your entire family, and just having the closeness that comes every year about this time.


I think Christmas in a hundred years will be different in some ways, like they will not have the same boring toys as we do now, and that they will probably have jet packs and flying cars.

Santa won’t be driving a deer-driven sleigh, it will be a turbo-powered jet sleigh with death ray guns on it to protect him from snow balls.

I think that kids and adults everywhere will still consider Christmas the best holiday.


I’m pretty sure that during Christmas in 2109, people will have forgotten about Christmas.

Well, there will still be gift giving and all that business, but there will be no Christ in Christmas—the true meaning of Christmas will be long forgotten with the exponential growth in technology. Technology will soon erase all human customs if war doesn’t.

These are my beliefs on Christmas, 100 revolutions around the sun later.


Christmas 100 years from now will be a lot different than it is today. We will have robots that will make and serve us food and clean up everything.

We will give gifts that are 10 times more advanced than what we have now.

I believe we will still have some of the same traditions that we have today, but the things we will do might be a little different. People will probably be able to buy things with wireless head sets or computers in their glasses, and then have the item shipped in one minute.

Many kids will still probably believe in Santa!


I think Christmas in 2109 will be different. Children will be receiving computers and robots for gifts. Parents will be buying them through the Internet and the gifts will be sent within one or two days. The shopping will be done on Black Friday as usual, but many stores will be open even earlier so that they sell all of the stuff faster.

Santa will be the same Jolly ’Ol Saint Nick he has always been. Dressed up in his white and red suit with his long white beard and big cookie belly. The night before Christmas children will leave cookies out for him with milk beside so that he may have his treat. Families will feast and open gifts on Christmas Day.

I do not think Christmas will change dramatically, because everybody loves Christmas!


Christmas in 2109 will be quite different than it is today. For instance, many kids will expect more presents than they get today.

Families will still get together no matter what the distance. The Christmas spirit will still be alive, but not as much as it is today.

With technology advancing every day, people won’t have to go to a store to buy presents.

They will just order off of a computer and have it shipped to them. Gift wrapping will probably be done by a robot who will wrap the gifts quickly and better than what we do today.

Santa Claus will still visit kids, but will he still like milk and cookies? He will bring them huge presents that will barely fit down the chimney. The lights and Christmas music played downtown will still be there, but it will be more than what we have today.