Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Participants pedal to place

Sanctioned event Saturday.

Twenty-nine participants in a sanctioned pedal pull Saturday afternoon earned the right to compete in the 2014 event in next year’s Nebraska State Fair.

Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce Ag Committee, the event was in the Shopko Hometown parking lot.

Pedal pulling had been part of a cornhusking contest Gothenburg hosted a number of years ago and the event continues at Harvest Festival.

There were 31 competitors in the event this year.

Results are as follows:

Age 4—Boys: 1. Camen Golter, 2. Henry Tracci, 3. Beckett Anderson.

Age 5—Girls: 1. Gabbie Schriner, 2. Ava Sabin, 3. Payton Peterson.

Age 5—Boys: 1. Mason Cheetsos, 2. Dempsey Edgens, 3. Kehl Jones.

Age 6—Girls: 1. Lucy Tracci.

Age 6—Boys: 1. Devlon Blauvelt.

Age 7—Girls: 1. Ashlyn Richeson.

Age 7—Boys: 1. Cole Atkinson, 2. Coby Bliven, 3. Gavin Peterson.

Age 8—Girls: 1. Lilli Tracci, 2. Erica Sabin.

Age 8—Boys: 1. Brandon Schriner.

Age 9—Girls: 1. Maryn McNally.

Age 10—Girls: 1. Alexis Bliven, 2. Meredith Glendening.

Age 11—Girls: 1. Grace Glendening.

Age 11—Boys: 1. Caleb Bliven.

Age 12—Boys: 1. Tanner Langley, 2. Cauy Colter.

Adults—Women: 1. Jessica Atkinson, 2. Jessie McNally, 3. Shelby Eggleston.

Adults—Men: 1. Matt Blender.