Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Hanna:Keelan suggests building 73 new homes

Gothenburg project would cost an estimated $13 million.

A community patron said if a town has a housing shortage, it’s handicapped.

And to grow that community, housing is needed.

Gothenburg has a housing shortage and Hanna:Keelan Associates, a community planning and research firm out of Lincoln has an answer.

Tim Keelan, a representative of Hanna:Keelan presented a five-year strategic housing plan to the public last Wednesday. The plan includes 73 new houses built by 2019, which includes 10 new housing units downtown.

Hanna:Keelan was hired by Dawson Area Development to do a housing survey.

The plan would cost an estimated 13 million.

Fifty-two buildings would be built for individuals or families that want to own a home, Keelan said. The remaining 21 would be rentals.

Harold Peterson doesn’t believe that would supply the demand.

Gothenburg needs more than 21 rentals, he said, claiming he gets a couple calls a week about availability from interested persons outside the community or state.

Gothenburg real estate agent Charolett Janssen added concern for rentals.

She said she gets 10-15 calls a week for rentals in good shape with a good price.

But in the process of making those 73 homes available, Keelan said that 40 buildings, classified as salvage or in poor condition, should be replaced.

“If they are not in the best interest to keep around, they need to be removed from the earthly plain,” he said.

He noted those homes hurt the neighborhood image and good, quality buildings need to take over.

So how does the process of this plan begin?

Keelan suggested creating partnerships with individuals or churches or other entities within Gothenburg to pay to get new houses built.

“There is something that is different here,” he said. “Something special.”

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