Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Looking left, right, in between

Our country is often referred to as being center right. This seems straightforward considering the populace.

Lawmaking is a different matter. Constitutionalists (who might include traditional Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and others) follow the idea that the authority of government is derived from the governed but is limited by the basic principles of the law of the land, not rule by arbitrary judgment or mere fiat of public officials.

The “far right” (not strong in numbers) is policed by the lawful and the “center” should essentially disappear. The division becomes not a matter of right vs. left, but right vs. wrong. The laws proposed either pass constitutional muster, or they don’t.

Liberals and progressives allow the “far left” much sway in determining the policy of their leadership. These people do not see the need for a strong military and do not care who enters the country as long as they vote Democrat. No amount of corruption and theft in the name of caring is too much, to make sure they remain in power. No amount of over-spending; deficit and debt is relevant. What is desirable about this group? They pose a threat to our national security. In a discerning world, most of their ideas would never be adopted.

On the right, some believe we can protect the country from within our borders. Others believe we may need to expand a fight outside the country to prevent attackers from reaching our borders. Still, all agree the nation needs to be protected.

Lack of immigration enforcement affects our sovereignty. Common sense dictates that we need to control who crosses our borders and keep track of them once they are here, or guide them towards citizenship.

We are seeing how entitlement spending has (in the least) damaged our ability to come to the aid of our allies. Bad actors are taking advantage of our weakness. The current administration’s war on success and exceptionalism, renders us ineffectual. If changes are not made, the bad actors will only increase in strength and numbers.

It’s really quite something to observe our arrogant, petulant child king using his “pen and phone” to unilaterally (unlawfully) enact legislation when “Congress won’t.” As Russian President Putin is rebuilding the Soviet Union, using the sword and the power of oil and natural gas to manipulate Europe and the Middle East, President Obama refuses to use his phone to unleash our energy potential and is using his pen to fill out his NCAA basketball brackets.

Sadly, establishment Republican congress members aren’t behaving much better. Leadership holding the line on spending, is presently a thing of the past. Tea party groups are working toward voting out those members who put their job before what is best for the country. They could use your help.

How is it that America seems to have all the technologically advanced equipment that experts in the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 say is needed? It’s not because it was developed under this president.

Neil A. Davis, Gothenburg