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Fashion favorites and ‘All That Jazz’

Dawson County’s 4-H sewing enthusiasts displayed meticulously sewn garments at the 2014 Fashion Show.

The event was held Wednesday, July 9, at the Cozad High School Auditorium.

These hardworking 4-H’ers have developed a skill which will be useful to them for the rest of their lives, according to Andrea Nisley, UN-L Extension educator, family and consumer science.

The theme for the show was “All That Jazz.” Narrators for this event were Maricela Dones (L), Michelle Rodriguez (L), Leah Treffer (C), Madelyn Vogel (G) and Peyton Zimmerman (O).

The highlight of the evening was the announcement of the Dawson County delegates to the State Fair Fashion Show. Trophy winners and State Fair delegates were Maricela Dones (L) and Arlene Soria (L). Alternates and medal winners were Leah Treffer (C), first, and Michelle Rodriguez (L), second.

Also announced was the delegate to State Fair in the Shopping In Style Fashion Show. Trophy winner was Mekenzie Beattie (S) and alternate Mattie Beattie (S).

Judges for the Fashion Show and Clothing Construction were Cathy Hanson, Charlene Fichtner, Elaine Redfern, Velda Tilgner, Mary K Warner and Amber Willard. Natalie Anderson (L) and Shana Beattie (S) were superintendent and assistant superintendent of clothing. Helpers for the day were Lisa Franzen (G), Patricia Stewart (L), Carol Keiser (G), Dori Moomey (K), Kayleen Zimmerman (O) and Olga Soria (L).

The following are the Fashion Show ribbon placings for each project:

Decorate Your Duds—Embellished Garment with Original Design

Purple: Helene Keiser (G) and Sarah Treffer (C).

Blue: Rebecca Crown (G), Abigail Owens (L), Abbie Rohde (E), Josie Smith (S), Greg Treffer (C) and Jacie Wolfinger (L).

Decorate Your Duds—Garment Constructed With Original Design Fabric

Blue: Camille Anderson (L).

Decorate Your Duds—Upcycled Garment

Blue: Mattison Beattie (S) and Abigail Owens (L).

Clothing Level 1—Simple Top or Vest

Purple: Helene Keiser (G), Jillian Moomey (K), Rylee Naprstek (G), Lauren Thompson (O), Greg Treffer (C) and Aven Zimmerman (O).

Clothing Level 1—Simple Bottom, Pants or Skirt

Purple: Mattison Beattie (S), Karla Herrarte (L), Helene Keiser (G), Addison Luther (O), Jillian Moomey (K), Taylar Probasco (Sm), Josie Smith (S), Amaya Stewart (L), Sarah Treffer (C) and Jacie Wolfinger (L).

Clothing Level 1—Coordinating Simple Top and Bottom

Purple: Abigail Owens (L).

Clothing Level 2—Dress

Purple: Mia Rowe (JL).

Sewing For You—Dress or Formal

Purple: Arlene Soria (L).

Blue: Ivey Zimmerman (O).

Sewing For You—Coat/Outerwear

Purple: Camille Anderson (L), Michelle Rodriguez (L) and Leah Treffer (C).

Tailoring—Blazer or Suit Jacket

Purple: Maricela Dones (L).

Blue: Peyton Zimmerman (O).

Shopping In Style—Modeled Purchased Outfit

Purple: Mattison Beattie (S), Mekenzie Beattie (S) and Jillian Moomey (S).

Blue: Arleigh Costello (G) and Madelyn Vogel (G).

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