Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Climate regs matter to you

The Environmental Protection Agency recently released regulations to limit carbon dioxide emissions at existing power plants that will lead to more expensive electricity for all of us.

That’s why Dawson Public Power District is asking everyone to send comments to the EPA through This easy-to-use online tool sends your thoughts directly to Washington, D.C. so regulators understand the potential harm of these rules.

We’re concerned because the EPA has chosen to write regulations that rely on carbon capture and storage technology for reducing CO2 emissions that has not been proven at commercial power plants. Although Dawson PPD does not generate power, our energy supplier Nebraska Public Power District will face tough choices. Those choices may affect the cost of wholesale power, which will inevitably be passed down to our customers. Public power districts were designed with the customer in mind, not shareholders. Every decision made affects you, and we need your help.

The country has not yet climbed out of the recession; many Americans are hurting financially. We need to tell the EPA that cost matters. By law, the EPA is required to ask the American public how a proposed rule would affect costs to consumers, the quality of life and the economic future of their communities. Anyone can send a comment at, so please encourage your family and friends, regardless of where they live, to join us.

No matter where our energy comes from, we all have a responsibility to keep electricity reliable and affordable. The regulations proposed by the EPA will lead to an increase in your electric bill and we won’t stand for ill-considered regulations written without regard to your economic well-being. Please join us today.

Gwen Kautz, general manager, Dawson Public Power District