Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Thank you Ernie Blecha for blessing Gothenburg

As I sat listening to the organ music slowly swell as the audience entered and chatted, I realized everyone should leave this town a few years to really appreciate the rare and beautiful gift they have in the music you’ve blessed them with.

As the choir entered and the music overtook the chatter, of course tears came to my eyes. Each of those singers were experiencing what every artist lives for—the chance to express themselves.

It’s rare that in a small town like this that there is a vehicle to let that happen. But for 30+ years, the people of Gothenburg have had that vehicle in the person of Ernie Blecha.

Over the years, all the heartfelt presentations have been a testament to exactly what I wanted to express to you last night. I’m sure that there hasn’t been one single person who has given as much joy to so many people as you have.

Parents, proud grandparents, choir members and all lovers of art have been blessed by your gift and your generosity in sharing that gift.

I know you are a humble man, but this is a heartfelt compliment I’m sure many would share.

Thank you—you are a joy and you are God’s vehicle to bring that passionate joy to Gothenburg.

Mary Bell, Gothenburg