Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Letters to the Editor

‘Propaganda’ can cut two ways

The propaganda letter (03-23 issue of The Times), warned us of the effects of propaganda.

Using words like “vulnerable” and “dangerous” to make us wary of listening to “one person or group’s ideas,” is how propaganda works. Propaganda doesn’t necessarily have to be bad (promotion of ideas). It is through misuse that it becomes a problem.

More than several points in the aforementioned letter were direct quotes from a six-year-old book review (opinion) by talk show host Thom Hartmann and what was re-posted by many unmanned bloggers. Refuting it’s claims and citing references would not fit on this page. I will give a few examples and encourage you to go to my website to read more, or simply research it for yourselves.

Use of deceptive, class warfare propaganda: “Reagan’s tax cuts for the wealthy...” An honest statement might read: The tax cuts were 25% across the board—for everyone—not just the wealthy. A bipartisan Congress passed the bill, Reagan signed it.

Propaganda unbased in fact: “This year’s deficit came about as a result of two unpaid for wars, two unpaid for Bush tax cuts...” Truth based on facts: Spending for the Iraq war under Bush was less than 25% of Medicare spending during the same time period. If Medicare is “war x 4,” why can’t I proclaim it the cause of the current deficit? The deficit under Bush, shrank to $165 billion by the end of 2007 (wars included).

If anything, blame the prescription drug program for perpetuating the deficit. When Democrats took control of Congress the deficit began to rise again. The (bipartisan) “federal intervention” of TARP, greatly increased the deficit up to that point. It’s true that the Obama administration “inherited” a large deficit, but their big spending programs put it in orbit. The deficit for last February alone, was over $222 billion.

Stop and think for a minute about the premise of unpaid for tax cuts. Government (Bush) stole less money from you than normal (tax cuts) and it was not being paid for! Now stop laughing, some blame the tax cuts for lost surplus. For those with that way of thinking, the CBO set the figure at 14% (1.5% of Obama’s deficit).

The bottom line is, if government continues to spend money we don’t have and there is little or no chance of repaying what they have borrowed, everything goes unfunded.

Class envy propaganda: The problem with Medicaid is “...governments would rather cut payments to the poor than raise taxes on the wealthy.” My propaganda opinion: Medicaid is an parasite, coming up out of a monetary black hole, sucking the life out of the economy. Pointing out falsehoods about entitlements, the TARP intervention and Reagan bankrupting the country, will have to wait. In the meantime, let’s comfort ourselves by demonizing the wealthy for paying most of the taxes, so we don’t have to.

Neil A. Davis, Gothenburg


Education is key

I’m nearing my 69th maturity level in this life—does that give me the right to share “nuggets of knowledge?” (Hosea 4:6, Isaiah 5:13). Especially with others tardy about doing their “stay free longer, intellectual homework?” Perhaps, please analyze carefully, above verses...God’s word!

There’s two worlds out there—the world of freedom vs. the world of regimentation. Which do you serve? If the first, you’ll realize the free market made America the greatest for over 200 years, under a limited government republic (flag salute). If the second, perhaps you can see why America is going downhill, too much big government trending into socialism, which fosters dependency instead of independency we celebrate each July 4th.

The first sentence, American Constitution reads: “All” legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a “Congress” of the United States.” (emphasis added). It said “all not some.” Are many things unconstitutional right now going on in the world scene? It also said “Congress” not other entities such as the UN or the Federal Reserve.

Remember presidential inaugural days over past decades? Do you recall the raising of their hand and taking an oath to protect and defend the American Constitution, not the UN charter?

Our Declaration of Independence, circa, July 4, 1776, has an ominous part reading: “He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.” He—referring to England’s King George. Any parallels to our modern era?

Would it be tremendous common sense to ask all harassing bureaucrats, “Are you sir, ma’am, aware of any “law” in black and white that gives you or your agency “legislative jurisdiction” over me?” (emphasis added). On a personal basis, my constitutional studies have yet to reveal where one has to have a permit or license to help one’s fellow man. Bureaucrats supposedly work for us, not us for them.

All you “knowledge rejectors” out there, please consider too much government and taxes as being “bad trends” towards degrading our great American republic (flag salute), which started as limited government, not big government. Expanding government is creeping socialism. It ultimately fails.

All things considered, working daily for less government, less taxes, more responsibility, and with God’s help, a better world just makes good common sense!

I delivered key, educational knowledge—you decide if it’s worthy.

Dr. Allen R. Geiken (Ret.), Gothenburg


Propaganda affects us all

We are all vulnerable to the effects of propaganda (mind control tactics). That is why we all need to get ourselves informed on both sides of the issues. It is dangerous to listen to only one person or group’s ideas. (Mr. Boroff, Modern Problems class, GHS, 64-65).

This year’s deficit came about as a result of two unpaid for wars, two unpaid for Bush tax cuts and an economic near collapse that, had it not been for federal intervention, could have plunged the economy over the precipice.

It’s true that Medicare has problems, mainly due to rising health care costs and inefficiencies. As for Medicaid, the problem is not that it’s recipients have been getting too much money, it’s that the state governments would rather cut payments to the poor than raise taxes on the wealthy.

Leave Social Security out of the equation. It has had nothing to do with the federal deficit. It is an entirely separate acacount with a $2.7 trillion surplus that the government has been borrowing to pay for it’s expenditures. Under Reagan, Social Security taxes were nearly doubled to pay for current retirees and to create a savings account for the Baby Boomers’ retirement funding.

Reagan’s tax cuts for the wealthy weren’t generating enough funds to run the country and subsequently it was facing bankruptcy. No problem, Greenspan suggested borrowing from the Social Security Trust Fund. Reagan jumped at the opportunity as did George Bush Sr, Bill Clinton, and George W. AI Gore strongly argued that Social Security funds should not be raided. The result being that all of the money taxed out of the Boomers incomes has been borrowed and spent. Social Security is now back to being paid for with income from today’s workers for today’s retirees.

I don’t think we can put the blame entirely on the Democrats for the country’s economic problems.

Penny Fattig, Gothenburg


‘Hateful’ examples needed

Jack Ostergard is entitled to his opinion. Telling me to “look in the mirror,” gives proof of nothing. If he is implying that I’m a hateful guy, I trust he will be providing examples.


Facts on 2 a.m. last call

On behalf of the Dawson County Coalition, I’d like to thank the city officials for requesting community input as they weigh the pros and cons of extending alcohol sales to 2 a.m. With a resounding 460 to 57 vote in opposition of such a change, the community has spoken.

As we work to foster an environment that discourages excessive alcohol consumption—and by extension, sends a message to our youth about what we value—we respectfully urge the city to vote down any proposal that may come forward to extend hours of alcohol sales.

The policies we choose to adopt are a reflection of our community standards and norms. We must look at the facts—increased alcohol sales will lead to increased alcohol consumption. Nebraska already has high binge drinking ranks for both youth and adults.

The literature as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization, tells us that reducing controls around the sale of alcohol will only drive these numbers up, creating a less healthy environment for young people to live and grow.




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