Friday, June 22, 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Christmas program a blessing

I am so proud to live in a community like Gothenburg where people are actually allowed to show their faith. This is the second year that I’ve gone to a Christmas program and they actually sang about the Christ child.

Since hearing about the production of “The Christmas Wish” I had it on my list of holiday things to do. I was really blessed by the program.

So thank-you to whoever gave the okay to do such a wonderful production. It truly made my holiday season a little extra special.



Make socialism irrelevant

Penny Fattig couldn’t be more wrong. She doesn’t seem to see a difference between constitutional amendments and FDR stuffing the Supreme Court to push through unconstitutional enactments like social security. The framers included Article V in the Constitution so amendments could be made through a legal process. Did I mention legal?

Definition of education: the process of imparting or acquiring knowledge. Penny wrote, “most people didn’t need an education because they could make a living off of the land.” All a man needed was “a gun, an ax, a knife, a horse, a cow and some seeds.”

Apparently no knowledge of firearms or knives was required to shoot a deer and skin it. No knowledge of animal husbandry was needed to care for critters. No knowledge of tree felling or fence building? Why have an ax? No carpentry skills were needed to build a house or a barn. Knowledge of planting and harvesting wasn’t required either. It is only through a government “safety net” that we even have food today (hundreds of years later).

Perhaps you are familiar with this slogan, “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” This is where Penny agrees with Karl Marx. Government has the right to take from Person A and give to Person B. Person B has the right to receive what belonged to Person A. Person A has no rights.

Just because states have the power “to take care of Penny’s amenities,” doesn’t mean they should. Tea partiers want a return to smaller government and lower taxes, so people can afford their own amenities. This isn’t rocket science folks.

Some people got upset when they heard Obama’s pastor screaming “God damn America.” Hey, call us crazy. Penny might want to study up on Black liberation theology before calling “Reverend” Wright’s church Christian. Obama attended both a Catholic and a predominantly Muslim populated school as a child in Indonesia. I’m not much on the birth certificate conspiracy, but still think it’s odd that he had it sealed.

It’s quite a stretch to call the stimulus bipartisan, unless observing that eleven Democrats voted with Republicans against it, when only three RINO’s voted for it. Penny and the Obama administration may be the only ones that think this “friends of Barack” slush fund has had any meaningful positive impact on the economy.

Penny is tired of the hate and hype and wants the truth. I suggest that she write a letter to Obama and tell him to stop talking. Penny also wants specifics. Here’s a couple. Obama told Latinos not to sit out the election, but instead say, we’re going to “punish our enemies” (enemies being Americans who oppose illegal immigration). Now he is referring to the Republican party as hostage takers. He would never use this term to describe terrorists that are trying to kill us.

I don’t want to work together with those who advocate socialism. I want to make them irrelevant.


You should be asking questions

Did blue states “maliciously” drag their feet getting ballots to overseas military? Absolutely. The question was asked, “How would anyone know who they would vote for anyway?” Does that matter?

What’s important, is that the votes of American citizens (putting their lives on the line) didn’t count. I have to think that traditional Democrats are horrified by what liberals/progressives/socialists are doing to their party. The quintessential face of malice, is Nancy Pelosi attempting to smile for the cameras. Their House members voted her speaker. After their drubbing in the mid-term election, they voted her minority leader. That is really all I need to know about their intent.

The Federal Family Education Loan program, created in 1966, used over 2,000 private lenders to supply student loans. “In 2007-08, the FFEL program served more than 6.4 million students...lending a total of $55.3 billion.” Obama’s new monopoly law, kills FFEL and uses funds from the US Treasury. Let’s print some more money and kill jobs at the same time.

I’m sure this kind of control is well intentioned though. Just like having to pay a fine or being imprisoned if you don’t buy health insurance. I wouldn’t be surprised if these loans would be available to illegal immigrants through the Democrats’ ‘Dream Act,’ who must suffer through two years of college to get amnesty.

Someone who is oblivious to the basic concepts of socialism (ever increasing control), might not “realize” they should be asking questions. What about the government control of banks (even the ones giving kickbacks to Obama), the healthcare industry, car companies, insurance companies, oil drilling, nuclear energy, farming, growing your own food, school bake sales, light bulbs, the amount of water in a toilet flush...?

How about attempts to control coal fired power production, your thermostat, the amount of salt or fat you eat, fishing, your water, the air you breathe, the CO2 you exhale...? Ask about the creation of the “fourth branch” of government through Obama’s 32+ czars, the EPA, HHS, HUD, Homeland Security...? These agencies now go over the head of Congress and answer only to dear leader.

I listen to people debating this stuff (ad nauseam) on talk radio, deriving my opinion. Facts are harder and require research. I’m not above admitting I could get it wrong.

When videos and transcripts of what people say and do are available on the Internet, it’s impossible to get that part wrong. It is hard to determine if “dead people and Disney characters” ever showed up to vote, but groups like ACORN have been registering them Democrat for years. Researching that, probably took less time than it would take for someone to write about how they didn’t know that kind of thing existed.

If I began writing that I “didn’t realize” this, or I “didn’t know” that, I would hope someone would take me aside and say, “Neil, wouldn’t your time be better spent researching subjects, than writing in the paper about what you don’t know?”


Let’s work together for country

Neil Davis is absolutely correct that the Ten Commandments apply the same today as they did when they were inspired by God in 1513 BC. However, the Constitution, which was adopted in 1787, was inspired by man and has been amended 27 times.

I realize there were schools before the Industrial Revolution, but a college education was mainly for the rich and most people didn’t need an education because they could make a living off of the land. Not so any more.

Without Medicare and Medicaid, health care would also be only for the rich. Without Social Security and disability benefits, many· elderly and disabled people would have trouble paying their bills. Without veterans benefits, our veterans wouldn’t have much reward for their valiant efforts. Without some kind of safety net for farmers, we might be in danger of a shortage of food.

If the Tea Partyers’ argument is that it is up to the states to take care of “Penny’s amenities” (entitlements, or socialism according to the Tea Party), I would like to hear their ideas on how to go about getting that accomplished instead of just criticism.

They ostracized President Obama because his pastor said something about racism in America. When he distanced himself from his Christian church to appease the propagandists, they concocted the story that he is a Muslim and claimed that he isn’t even an American. The Hawaii governor, who is a Republican, vouched that he was born in Hawaii.

It seems that the stimulus, which was a bipartisan effort, is helping bring the stock market back.

I’m tired of the hate and hype. Let’s have truth and specifics and work together to get the country going.


Federal powers are limited

Would you give money to someone at your door, asking you to support California welfare recipients who use their debit cards for cruise ships in Florida and gambling in Las Vegas?

No need, the federal government is doing it for you. The State of California is borrowing $40 million a day from you. Do you think they will ever pay you back? They just re-elected “Moonbeam” Brown as their governor. His first priority is free college tuition for illegal immigrants. Even if California paid back the feds, do you actually think any of that money would be returned to you?

Welcome to Penny’s world. Thank God for the federal government! Penny Fattig wonders if ignorant tea party advocates realize this is not 1789. Unlike Penny, tea partiers know exactly how the Constitution should apply at this “time in history”—just as when it was written. Penny occasionally cites Bible passages. Should the ten commandments be re-interpreted, just because they are old?

What is lost on many people is that the federal government owes it’s existence to the states (individual sovereign nations) that created it. While each state has the power to govern itself, the framers realized the need for a small central government.

One of their greatest fears was that centralized (federal) government would become too powerful. We are currently living that fear. Number 10 of Penny’s “first 10 amendments” states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Therefore, most of Penny’s “amenities” are off limits for the federal government, but not necessarily the states. Others (like insurance) were created by private enterprise.

Apparently, there was no need for schools like Harvard University (founded in 1636) until Jimmy “Einstein” Carter’s administration created the Department of Education in 1979. The Roman Empire surely failed because they had the audacity to build roads before the industrial revolution. But building roads, actually is one of the enumerated powers in our Constitution, as it relates to delivering the mail.

Each state has the power to establish it’s own healthcare system and act as a proving ground. Failure by one state would be limited to that state alone. Success by one state could benefit the other states. When national healthcare fails miserably like Obamacare, it affects the whole nation.

Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. It only works as long as funds coming into the system aren’t exceeded by payments going out. For a good laugh, go to this government webpage (, read their definition of a Ponzi scheme and wonder why Congress isn’t being prosecuted. Perhaps you could contact Bernie Maddoff at Butner Federal Correctional Complex and ask him about the legality of Ponzi schemes and what happens when they fail.

Penny, like most people, cares about her fellow man. When caring becomes socialism through government, the road to our demise is being paved with good intentions.


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