Monday, May 21, 2018
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Letters to the Editor

The times have changed

I wonder if the Tea Party advocates who think we need to return to the Constitution realize that this is a much different time in history.

When the first 10 amendments of the Constitution were written (1789) a man could support his family basically with a gun, an ax, a knife, a horse, a cow and some seeds. Houses could be built relatively cheaply. They had no need for highways (no mechanized vehicles), no need for education (people could live off of the land), no need for insurance (people died young because there weren’t many medicines or doctors).

The amenities that Neil Davis said the Constitution doesn’t mention were not needed at the time it was written.

The Industrial Revolution and increased population changed things. People started moving to industrialized areas where there were jobs. Life on the farm wasn’t always profitable due to variables such as weather and prices. This created a need for education (competition for better jobs), roads (mechanization), health care (people getting hurt on the job), social security (people living longer due to better health care), etc.

I learned some things from Neil’s last letter. I didn’t realize that blue states didn’t get ballots overseas to our military in time for the election. My father-in-law’s outfit had to break into a warehouse and steal blankets to keep from freezing to death in France during WWII. Somewhere along the chain of command somebody didn’t do their job getting supplies where they belonged. If, in fact, it is true that ballots didn’t get overseas in time, it probably wasn’t something that was done maliciously. How would anyone know who they would vote for anyway?

I didn’t realize the government tells you what school to attend and what classes to take if you get a student loan. My husband and kids benefitted from government student loans. I don’t remember the government telling them what job they could get or what classes to take.

I didn’t know that dead people and Disney characters could vote, and I also didn’t realize that they are Democrats. You learn something new every day.

I would like to congratulate the Gothenburg Times for winning the national general excellence award. What an honor! Where would we be without our newspapers to get news and information on both sides of the issues?


Great people, great town

We have not lived in Gothenburg for over 50 years, but every visit renews our memories of the great people that make Gothenburg a great town.
People like the Peterson’s, Blaine and Arlene, Steve and Ligia, Thelma (Wm. F. “Bill”) Peterson, Tim Strauser of Blase-Strauser, Norm and Coleen Geiken, Dee’s Floral & Gifts, the entire staff at the Comfort Suites Motel, and of course, the Gothenburg Times.
We were recently in Gothenburg for our mother’s, Virginia “Gin” Aden, memorial service at the Gothenburg Cemetery. Everyone we dealt with or had contact with treated us with typical Gothenburg hometown hospitality and kindness.
We are very appreciative of all the people of Gothenburg. The Gothenburg Times is a real treasure that we enjoy reading and staying abreast of all our hometown activities.
As the world grows smaller and time goes by faster, it is very nice to know that the human element of our world is still doing very well in hometowns like Gothenburg—we still consider ourselves Swedes!
Thank you, Gothenburg.


Republic or Democracy?

There’s an element amongst us, trying almost daily, to convince everyone we’re a democracy, and have never been anything else but one. They’re not thinking right—liberals. They’ve forgotten that our Constitution is America’s blueprint to follow, plus the Holy Bible.
Wake up Americans, read your Constitution.
Discover one revealing section, Article IV, Section 4, reading: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.”
The word democracy is nowhere in our Constitution, nor are the words “separation of church and state.” Check them out.
Republic is limited government, in a nutshell. Democracy is majority rule or mob rule. An example of Democracy in action is a suspected horse thief swinging at the end of a rope with no pre-trial by jury. History reveals democracies degenerate to tyranny.
Education is key. Many Democrats are perpetuating “unconstitutional fraud,” knowingly or unknowingly, and should be challenged to do their “homework.” Article IV, Section 4, is their Achilles heel.
Ben Franklin answered a question, “a Republic, ma’am, if you can keep it.” The Battle Hymn of the Republic, a much sung Civil War song, the word “Republic” in California’s flag, the Texas Republic, are all examples.
We are a republic, not a democracy. Let’s keep it that way as in our flag salute. Please vote Republican.


Return to the Constitution

After all I have written promoting the Constitution, Penny Fattig thinks I am “discontented with our governing system.” Clearly, it is people (liberals/progressives/socialists) in the system that I oppose.
New faces in Washington will need to have their feet held to the fire to prevent them from becoming part of that “corrupt system.” Penny is oblivious to how socialism has been creeping (now boldly running) into our lives. She writes “we still have private ownership of property and everyone still has the right to vote.”
Speaking about the fairness of redistributing wealth (Oct. 18), Nancy Pelosi said, “Disparity is not just about wages alone....disparity is about ownership and equity.”
As part of the government takeover of banks, home mortgages are being underwritten by Barry and his co-conspirators. What could possibly go wrong there? Blue states have somehow been unable to get ballots to our overseas military in time for the election. Apparently they have the “right” to vote, they just don’t get the chance to.
The word “amenities” does not appear in the Constitution. The federal government has no authority (and obviously no ability) to “take care of our elderly,” “educate our young people” or “feed us.” Promises made through Social Security and Medicare (Advantage) are being broken.
I thought schools were paid for by property taxes. Still, Democrats gave $26 billion to favored states whose teachers’ pensions are underwater. Unions were allowed to offer pensions at 70-90% of wages for life. Can’t figure out how that became under-funded. The Department of Education educates no-one. Democrats bail out the unions, the unions vote for Democrats, etc.
When the healthcare bill was passed, it also included takeover of the student loan program. Government intervention in what school you attend, what classes you take and what job you get? As of July, 41.8 million are on food stamps. How’s that hope and change working out for ya?
I have not met Rebekah Davis, but from looking at her website, she appears to be a Democrat in the traditional sense. She claims to be a fiscal conservative and seems to be on the right side of some issues. I think she should aim higher and run against Ben Nelson. I do not think she will have much luck defeating Adrian Smith, who is entrenched in leviathan. The Department of Agriculture doesn’t grow anything but it’s own bureaucracy.
No-one should oppose equal rights for women. The Ledbetter Act made discrimination claims retroactive to the Magna Carta (against employers who may be dead and companies no longer in existence). With attorneys being major contributors to the Democratic Party, it is not surprising that all Democrats voted for this litigation bonanza. Adrian Smith and most Republicans didn’t vote for the act, because their votes weren’t required to pass it.
Be sure to get out and vote, to counteract the Democrat slogan “vote and vote often.” Vote to cancel out their votes by dead people and Disney characters.


Mr. Smith votes No, No, No!

No. No. No. That about sums up Adrian Smith. He voted no to about every bill presented to him. Is he really for the working middle class people of Nebraska?
The average annual income is around $50,000, one-percent in Smith’s district earns over $200,000. Why would Smith vote against mortgage assistance to homeowners who are working? Well, he did! It allowed restructuring mortgages to be repaid, not a bailout.
Smith also: voted against expansion of affordable health insurance benefiting Nebraska’s children; accepts special interest money; and caters to the wealthy 1.2 percent.
Mr. Smith, the people voted for you to represent all 100 percent. Shame on you, Mr. Smith, for betraying the other 98.8 percent. We need someone in the Third District to represent all the people, and that person is Rebekah Davis.
Rebekah is not your typical politician who accepts special interest money. She will not cater to just special groups. She has done research in over 60 countries and in depth studies of foreign and local affairs and issues. Rebekah is a strong advocate for informing and educating the people about the issues based on facts, not lies. She is: fiscally conservative and promotes a balanced federal budget as a common sense pay-as-you-go; supports fair, free trade allowing our domestic free enterprise system to be competitive with other countries while keeping quality jobs at home; supports legislation for improving benefits for veterans like access to health care, education, and services including Adaptive Housing Act for disabled veterans; supports preserving social security and believes a comprehensive solution to its long term financial challenge is necessary; supports upholding the second amendment, the right of citizens to carry firearms for recreation and personal protection; believes equality in the workplace for all, equal pay for equal work; strongly supports current efforts to allow affordable coverage in middle class Americans. As a dedicated hospital chaplain she has held the hands of too many patients who did not have to die, but did so because they lost the battles with their health insurance companies.
When it comes to economic development and agriculture, Rebekah believes and understands values and needs for strong, vibrant, profitable farm and ranch families based on agriculture that drives our rural economy, believes in fair, competitive markets, with strong enforcement of anti-trust legislation, and knows strong and diversified production based agriculture is the key to building sustainable rural economic development.
Smith received almost a million dollars from a group wanting to abolish the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Smith’s voting record is proof in the pudding. Do we want Mr. No! No! Smith who caters to the 1.2 percent of the people in the Third District and leave the rest of us 98.8 percent out in the cold, or vote for someone who will do a good job of representing all 100 percent of us in the Third District?
Smith is proud of his record of No—vote for Smith and get nothing for the middle class.
Vote for Rebekah Davis to work to re-instill integrity and common sense in congress.


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