Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Letters to the Editor

No mention of worker shortage

I don’t have any opinion about the Husqvarna plant in Beatrice closing. I simply read an article where their spokesman John Marchionda said “the South Carolina plant is much larger than the Beatrice plant and will be able to assemble the zero-turn mowers more efficiently.”

What is “very vague” about that? Marchionda didn’t mention a shortage of reliable laborers. Husqvarna estimates the closing will cost about $14 million this year, but will begin generating annual savings of about $5.1 million in 2011.

If Penny Fattig wants to push a point that the city of Beatrice can’t come up with 390 reliable workers, she’s welcome to it.

Apparently, if Husqvarna and Tenneco would have imported illegal immigrant laborers, their plants in Beatrice and Cozad would be expanding, not closing. What were they thinking? They could have hired Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, who came here illegally to do the neurosurgery jobs that Americans won’t do. Instead, they hired an American Joe, who applied for the same college grant that Quinones-Hinojosa ended up getting.

Without a college education, Joe had to settle for a job at the lawnmower plant. Now that we are chasing illegals out of the country, our food prices are sky rocketing and we can’t afford to spend money on things like lawnmowers. Joe is out of a job.

Whenever the topic of illegal immigration comes up, advocates will tell us that we are a nation of immigrants. This is true. But, to protect our sovereignty, along the way government deemed it necessary to set standards for and limits on the number of those allowed entry.

No one wishes oppression of illegals who are already here. However, we can control their further influx. President Obama inflamed the situation by inviting Mexican President Calderon here, to attack Arizona’s immigration law.

On national television, Obama stood proudly by as Calderon blasted one of our states for civil rights violations. Calderon gave the same speech to Congress (getting a standing ovation from Democrats). The next day Calderon appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer. When asked about Mexico’s policy, Calderon said “...on the border, we are asking people ‘who are you?’” About illegals inside the country, he said “...we find them and sending [sic] them back.”

Obama changed history again, by telling the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that Mexicans were here “...long before America was even an idea...” There was no Mexico before 1821. We have illegals protesting in our streets, with signs claiming this is their homeland. These are descendants of the Spanish, that came to what is now Mexico. They exterminated the Incas and Aztecs (“the aboriginal people”) living there.

To the victor belong the spoils? Do they really have more right to the land than Sam Houston and the Texians who took Texas from them in the revolution of 1835-36? Same with the Mexican Cession we acquired in the Mexican-American War? They have already re-taken California.

Neil A. Davis, Gothenburg


Support local business

I don’t complain about too much except for the fact that the upper management of State Farm Insurance is causing a lot of undo unrest and undo troubles and stress on our local State Farm agents.

I have been with State Farm for 42 years and never have I been unsatisfied with any of the work or coverage that anyone at the local State Farm has given me.

It is too bad that the local agents, the Jorgensen family, have to put up with the treatment that they are getting. If you are a new customer or one that has been with them for a while like I have, we need to voice our opinions on the situation the Jorgensen family are going through.

I have been a good friend of the Jorgensen family all of my life, and when Jerry went home to be with the Lord, there was a lot of things that the rest of the family had to do to make up the loss of an important man of their State Farm Agency, but they have been doing it.

Please, let’s stand with them and give them the support that they need and deserve. Go online to and there you can click to find a complaint form, or call 1-877-564-7323.

The Jorgensen family really needs our support at this time. Thanks.



Send complaints to state

I am so angry that an unknown agent of State Farm Insurance hijacked my personal files from the Jorgensen Agency without my permission. This infringed on my privacy. This country is, as yet, not a dictatorship. This action is unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

I registered a complaint with the State of Nebraska Department of Insurance. Anyone wanting to follow suit may go online to to obtain a complaint form or call the Hot Line: 1-877-564-7323; fax 402-471-6559.

Attention: Mickey. She would like to hear from anyone unhappy with State Farm Insurance in the area.



Path to citizenship needed

Apparently we have a difference of opinion as to why the Beatrice Husqvarna plant was closed. Neil Davis (Sept. 15) said the real reason it closed was because of efficiency (a very vague term)…to save money. My information that the plant was closed because of a shortage of reliable laborers came via an executive in the plant. I wonder if, quite possibly, it could have closed because of efficiency issues due to a shortage of reliable laborers?

Neil said, “Imagine the achievers that built this country having a defeatist attitude.” Who were the achievers who built this country? The aboriginal people were the American Indians so I assume he is talking about the immigrants who came to this country. That would include many of our relatives. My mother was a Davis. Maybe some of Neil and my relatives came from the same country…England. Exodus 22:21

I admire people like Neil who do the “grunt” work that keeps this country moving forward. I’ve done plenty of that kind of work myself. My grandson worked for awhile at a packing plant. The way he described the work made it sound pretty awful. I’m not surprised there is a fast turnover of laborers in that business.

I don’t know how many jobs would be unfilled if we don’t turn a blind eye to illegal immigration. I don’t advocate that we should turn a blind eye to illegal immigration but I believe we need to make it a little easier for honest, hardworking immigrants, especially the ones who are already here, to become legal so they can pay into our Social Security System. I don’t think they, or people who rent them a place to stay, should be treated like criminals. They are human beings and we aren’t Nazi Germany.

Many good workers have come here illegally including Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, an assistant professor of neurosurgery and director of the Brain Tumor Surgery Program in the Johns Hopkins Health System. He came here from Mexico as a 19-year-old illegal immigrant in 1987 with less than $5 in his pocket.



Goal should be to better yourself

I read in this newspaper that the Husqvarna plant in Beatrice closed because of a shortage of reliable laborers. The writer’s implication was, if we don’t turn a blind eye to illegal immigration, jobs will be unfilled. The real reason the plant closed was efficiency. Husqvarna moved the operation to South Carolina to save money. A similar plant in Beatrice (Encore Manufacturing) has to lay off workers during slow-downs. That doesn’t sound like a shortage of laborers to me.

The writer expressed sympathy for farm organizations that would be forced to pay a decent wage if “strict” new laws like the one in Arizona forced illegals back to their own country. The Arizona law mirrors federal law, except for the point that federal agents do not need any reason whatsoever to approach and question a person (something the Arizona law prohibits). The writer thinks we should feel guilty about expecting others to obey the law, if we have broken one at some time ourselves. “Yes we are a nation of laws but” laws don’t matter?

The writer commented on Paul Fell’s recent cartoon about local anti-immigrant laws (Fremont). Intolerance, fear, bigotry and ignorance were somehow misconstrued as partisan politics? I do not agree with Fell on this issue, but don’t think the position of The Times should be one of censure. Political cartoons are meant to create controversy. Fell is originally from Massachusetts. His position will undoubtedly run against the grain of Nebraskans on occasion.

The writer tries to justify illegal immigration by using the tired saying, illegals will do the work we Americans would rather not do. That is the most defeatist statement I have ever heard.

Imagine the achievers that built this country having that attitude. Worse yet, what if everyone had that attitude going forward? There wouldn’t be any forward. I have been doing that kind of work all my life (hot, cold, dirty, noisy and beast of burden labor intensive). That’s not a sob story. It’s just the way it is.

If I’d had higher ambitions, I could have done any number of things. While I have a sense of accomplishment for things I have done, I’m not telling any exceptional story either. There are millions of stories like mine. Through hard work and determination, there is a good chance people can achieve whatever they desire. At least that used to be the case.

If the government wasn’t giving away free food, cars and houses, I guarantee you would see Americans lining up for those jobs. That “free” stuff isn’t free. It comes from the labor of those who did take the initiative to make something more of themselves. Instead of being applauded for their efforts, they are taxed as the “evil rich.”

I don’t care if you’re rich or poor. If you don’t have the willingness to work toward something and the desire to learn, I think you’re missing out on what it is to be alive.



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