Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Letters to the Editor

‘Party of Lincoln’ spent $$

I was wrong. The leading conservative in the Continental Congress—you know, the guy who was giving a speech urging conciliation with the king as the Declaration of Independence was being signed—was named Dickinson, and not whatever I said.

Upon reading the reply to my letter sent in by Mr. Davis, it would appear that he is so busy spouting Goebels, Limbaugh, Palin, etc. propaganda that he is incapable of connecting the dots. I’ll try to make it simple.

How many times have you heard conservatives brag that they are members of the party of Lincoln, and in the next breath, denounce the “tax-and-spend” Democrats? If you’ll take the trouble to read a little history, you’ll find that the party of Lincoln financed the Civil War, bought what the conservatives of the time called Seward’s Folly, built the intercontinental railroad, built the Panama Canal, built the interstate highway system, and spent many hundreds of billions chasing non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. All that stuff took a little spending.

Furthermore, Reagan raised taxes at least six or seven times, and they complain about tax-and-spend Democrats. Seems like they’re mixed up.

When I was a kid, Hitler tortured, we didn’t. When I was a kid, Hitler had a hate-spewing propagandist named Goebels, we had none that I know of.

Now that I’m older, Bush and Cheney joined right in with Hitler and tortured. Now that I’m older, Bush and Cheney joined right in with Hitler and attacked a country under false pretenses (or did somebody finally find those elusive weapons of mass destruction that Bush and Cheney were told Iraq didn’t have).

Now that I’m older, conservatives have a big group of people who spout hate day-in and day-out. They put Goebels to shame (or are there really death panels just waiting to get their hands on me?), yet the conservatives put Hitler-like whiskers on pictures of Obama. Seems to me like they’re mixed up.

How many times have you heard the conservative hate-mongering propagandists use the term “baby killer”? Have you ever heard them use the term “poor people killer”? Seems to me like that is what health care in this country was until a few days ago.

In closing, Mr. Davis doesn’t see what the exceptionalism of my kids has to do with anything. He just wants you to believe all “Libs” are a bunch of losers who are happy to see their kids finish 174th or whatever he said. Mine aren’t losers, in fact, I forgot to mention that my daughter got to wear a yellow sash both at her high school graduation and when she received her masters from Cal State San Bernardino. Yellow sash means straight A’s, and she learned to read. Too bad Mr. Davis didn’t. If he had, he might have learned about the “Peace Party” during the election of 1864. And, if he had just listened in grade school, he could have learned that George Washington had to tell folks he didn’t want to be king.


Better representation needed

I was quite interested in the recent article about State Sen. John Wightman’s remarks at a meeting in Gothenburg on April 10. Specifically when he talked about the forthcoming redistricting he stated that “Keeping Dawson County intact is something Wightman said he hopes is accomplished.”

It appears that Sen. Wightman should inform himself about the existing boundaries of his own District 36. Nearly one-third of Dawson County, south of the Platte River, is in District 44 presently represented by Sen. Mark Christensen of Imperial and not his own District 36.

Is Sen. Wightman so uninformed that he does not realize that his District 36 does not include all of Dawson County? I think that is very likely based upon my personal attempts as a Dawson Co landowner to deal with him. This speaks poorly of him, but I believe it to be very representative of his lack of interest and ability to truly serve those with interests in his district. He is simply not good.

When Sen. Wightman failed to work with me and basically deceived me for nearly two years, I started working with Sen. Christensen. I found him to be very accessible, communicative, willing to listen and understand my concerns, and take legislative action in a timely and constructive manner to get the problem that had adversely affected me—and potentially all Nebraska landowners—corrected by legislation.

Sen. Wightman is a total opposite. He was inaccessible, not communicative, failed to actually listen and understand my concerns. However, he behaved in such a way as to effectively deceive me to believe that he might actually do something and by doing so delayed my ability to cause the necessary change to occur. But, he never did, and finally simply stopped responding to my communications. However, Sen. Christensen quickly and effectively took care of the matter. His action benefits all landowners in the state.

I suggest it is time that Sen. Wightman be retired from his legislative duties. He is doing a very poor job for his constituents and seems to be primarily feeding his own ego and sense of self-importance rather than actually constructively representing District 36. The voters of District 36 could do this in the November 2010 election at which time he is up for re-election.

I hope that a good honest and motivated candidate will come forward to oppose Sen. Wightman and that the District 36 voters will elect that person. As an absentee landowner I cannot vote of course, but I am certainly ready to provide campaign contributions and volunteer effort for a good candidate. Anybody but Wightman would be better from my viewpoint. While I cannot vote, my property interests still justify my need to see that the area has a decent representative in the Nebraska State Senate. John Wightman is not such a person.


Political, societal blaming game

The notion that liberals are “baby killers,” as though they get a thrill out of babies being killed, is absurd.

Did prohibition stop the manufacture of liquor? No, it did not. People were making their own or drinking grain alcohol and dying.

I remember when I was a young girl hearing about “back alley abortionists” or “butchers” as they were also referred, where young women who had made a bad decision went and many were maimed or even died from infections. Many tried to perform the gruesome procedure on themselves with a coat hanger.

I remember when my parents, who were staunch republicans, were in favor of legalizing abortion for this reason. This was not strictly a liberal decision.

My heart tells me that abortions should be illegal and that every baby that is conceived should be born and live in a happy home. Unfortunately, in reality, abortions would still go on, history would repeat itself because young women would still make poor choices out of desperation. The difference would be that many young women would also perish along with their babies.

One of my daughters knew a girl, when she was in college, who had an abortion. This girl was a pastor’s daughter. I assume that she didn’t want to embarrass or bring shame on her family.

I believe what is badly needed in this country is a “relationship revolution.” We need to open up meaningful communication with our daughters, other people’s daughters, and sons, and let them know that promiscuity is a very destructive lifestyle choice, but if they make a mistake they would still be loved and so would the baby. Romans 3:23; Romans 5:8. They need to know that abortion is not an acceptable option.

I think we are cutting off the wrong end of the snake by blaming politicians for something that is a societal problem.


Courteous pet owners are great

I just wanted to let everyone know what wonderful neighbors I have!

I live in the 1200 block of Avenue A and the majority of my neighbors have dogs. I have never lived anywhere where I have seen or heard such well behaved animals, and such courteous owners.

I also never hear the barking of a dog all night like some poor people have to suffer through.

So, thank you Avenue A for being such a great neighborhood!



Liberal proposals make us losers

Lloyd Pohl is a proud liberal. He takes us back to 1776, before the original definition of the word liberal was supplanted by liberals. Lloyd would have us believe that 56 liberals signed the Declaration of Independence, while a “leading conservative”—“a guy named Robertson”(?) was afraid to break with George III. It’s ironic that recently, while conservatives were praying to remain independent, a guy named Obama restored the yoke of tyranny upon us.

Lloyd wrote that after we became independent, “the conservatives” wanted to make Washington king. I wonder how many guys that was? Lloyd wrote, “I don’t really know” what conservatives said about wasting money on the Louisiana Purchase. Does he think they opposed doubling the size of the country for a pittance?

Lloyd tells us that conservatives were okay with southern states seccession, because war was too expensive. Why did they send 360,000 guys to their deaths? For Lincoln, the Civil War was not about slavery. It was to prevent seccession. Lloyd wrote, “I don’t really know” what conservatives said about the intercontinental railroad that Lincoln signed into law. Did he mean the Pacific Railway Act, passed by a Republican congress? Two private companies used government bonds to build the line. Lloyd remembers that “conservatives called Alaska Seward’s Folley.” I doubt that his own party was too upset with another huge land purchase at two cents/acre.

Lloyd thanks God for Social Security. I thought FDR gave us that. Now, Nancy Pelosi says health care is a right. I’m confused. I thought our rights came from God. Rights given to us by politicians can just as easily be taken away.

I thank Lloyd for his military service. When he was in the Army, he saw segregation in Arkansas. He wrote, “That was the work of conservatives.” Others take a different view. The National Black Republican Association has issued a petition to Barack Obama, requesting a formal apology for the Democratic Party’s 150-year history of racism. They have a long list of what they describe as “horrific atrocities” performed by proud liberals. See

Lloyd wonders why “conservatives won’t spring for a little money” to keep the interstate highway system in repair. Eisenhower gave us the roads, but he also gave the federal government a guillotine to hang over our heads. What’s the first thing they threaten when states don’t comply with their wishes? They gave us “the gift that keeps on taking.” When did states forget how to build roads?

Before the new bill, laws were in place requiring health care be given to everyone (even illegals). They don’t prevent liberalism from killing over 1.5 million babies per year. I don’t know what the exceptionalism of Lloyd’s children has to do with liberalism. Liberals hate individualism. Now that Lloyd is old, he laments visiting one of Palin’s death panels. They’re Obama’s death panels. Palin just pointed out that they exist in the new law. I never said liberals were a bunch of losers, they’re just wrong. Their proposals make us all losers.


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