Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Efforts ongoing to help workers

The City of Cozad, Dawson Area Development (DAD) and Cozad Development Corporation (CDC) have begun the process to fill the void in the manufacturing sector of our community as a result of the recent Tenneco closure announcement. Efforts to attract new industries are in full force. Collaboration between local agencies, Nebraska Public Power District and the Nebraska Department of Economic Development is vital.

Recent recruitment efforts include the completion of community marketing materials, development of a dedicated labor opportunity website, trade show attendance and the completion of a target industries study, just to name a few. We will continue to move forward and make contact with businesses desirous of locating in Cozad. Promotional materials to market the Tenneco facility are being developed and will be distributed to all of our target businesses. Efforts to market the available land we have for development as well as the former Tabora Farms Bakery building are also underway. The inclusion of this information on websites and informational flyers as well as in packets being delivered to prospects will ensure broad distribution.

Providing assistance and tools to the Tenneco employees is paramount. “Money Matters” was recently held at Chipper Hall and a job fair is being planned for the first quarter of 2010. Workforce Development, along with the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, has pledged their resources to assist us in job transition, training and recruitment.  Workforce Development was in Cozad at Chipper Hall on Nov. 18 and 19 to allow Tenneco employees to meet with representatives and discuss the available resources. Workforce Development is also available at Tenneco for individual meetings. Educating existing employers about posting job opportunities on websites such as and is important in creating centralized tools for job seekers.

If you have asked yourself, “what can I do,” the answer is to remain positive. We need to work together, support our local businesses and we will weather this storm. The City of Cozad, DAD and CDC will continue to work diligently on this project because success will not happen overnight. Your continued support is appreciated. If you have questions or concerns, please email them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 308-784-3930.



Cemetery desecration decried

Three days before Memorial Day I returned to Gothenburg to place two candlestick solar lights on my parents graves, only to have them stolen by some yellow-bellied coward that must be a thief to steal one’s tribute by desecration of a holy place.

I only hope that the Almighty will bring justice to the thief for such a cold, calculated, cowardly act of stealing and violating my rights to pay tribute to my parents. Dad was a World War II veteran that defended our country, for what—that cowards can steal from the dead?

It is a sad day in America when people steal from dead people’s graves, and it seems strange that the thief or thieves did not steal a solar light from a grave less than 25-feet from my parents graves.

In the end, people who steal rights away from others have not gained a single pleasure, and they must have the backbone of a chocolate eclair.

Thank God there are still some good people in this world, that I hope will help to rid our land of thieves, and report these kinds of acts to the law.


Choose to educate yourself

Is there something in your life that you enjoy doing most? Chances are you have to make choices in order to pursue it. Whatever your passion—hobby, family or job, most likely it requires setting aside time, money or both.

If you spend all your money on your passion, you will starve to death (unless your passion is eating). If you spend all your time, you’ll find there are only so many hours in a day. Every person makes choices to achieve a balance.

In the past, many couples had the option for the woman to “stay at home.” Today it seems more likely that both partners will need to be wage earners, spending more time on the job in order to keep up. Why is that? What has changed?

You might say, it’s because things cost more now. Again I ask, why is that? Through good times and bad, what is the one thing that seems to be able to grow unfettered?

The answer is (drum roll please)... government. Why does government always need more money and where does it go?

There are literally thousands of groups like ACORN that are sucking the life-blood out of our country. Congress gives them untold billions of dollars each year, funding our own downfall in the name of welfare.

Talk radio, Internet bloggers and television show hosts like Glenn Beck are beginning to look into the cesspool they swim in. Beck may act like a loon, but no commentator is doing a better job of exposing these groups.

In the process we are finding that corruption exists on all levels of the current administration. The problem however, has been building for decades.

I ask you to make one more choice. I believe our lives could be vastly improved by educating ourselves about the corruption and manipulation that is occurring right in front of us, behind our backs. By working together, sharing information and embarrassing our government officials into doing the right thing, it’s possible we could rid ourselves of this scourge.

If you watch television to get your news, you need to know that Fox News is the only viable choice. While they lean to the right, they are the only network that actually “reports” the news, rather than give an opinion piece. All the other networks are part of the problem. They have what Bernie Goldberg wrote about—a slobbering love affair with Barack Obama.

If we weren’t funneling vast amounts of money to antagonists, we might have a little left over for ourselves. Less time spent working to make money, would free up time to spend on our “passions.”

A little time spent teaching our children the difference between right and wrong wouldn’t be a bad thing. We could do a 180 on the road we’re heading down now. Big government is a passion killer.



Our planet needs protecting

Our planet will end up completely out of natural resources if we don’t start taking better care of it. By cutting down rain forests we’re destroying the cures for illnesses. There won’t be medicine to help the sick and heal wounds.

What does the rain forest have to do with medicine?  Make that connection clear. Everything around us has a propose. Destroying natural habitat is causing extinction in the animal population. Even hunting has become a major problem. This is going to make the circle of life out of balance in the food chain.

Littering and dumping waste into the water has made severe weather changes in the past couple of years and caused and large amount of pollution.

Why are so many changes to the earth happening so quickly? This is why we should do more to help save our mother earth.



Video games OK for kids

Why should parents let their kids play video games?  Well I think that they should always be allowed to play video games.

The video games that kids play help them by keeping them out of trouble and keeping them from roaming the streets.  Video games can help kids avoid drinking and drugs. Then sometimes the kids that get into trouble with drugs and alcohol can also get into trouble with vandalism or theft in which they steal something or break or deface property.

When kids drink or do drugs they can also get into really bad accidents like car crashes. Also there is a chance that they will find themselves in a gang or group that they don’t really belong too.

Some people argue that kids become obese from playing video games. They could play the Wii Fit and then work themselves up to the point of when they are tired and then play X-box 360 when they are done. Also you can get educational games for  young kids or children.

Because video games are good, kids should be able to play them.



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