Friday, September 21, 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Daffodil Days paints it yellow

Spring bloomed early in Dawson County this year as we painted our community yellow with daffodils. The overwhelming support from our residents, businesses and other groups showed to support the American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days® was incredible. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to everyone who participated in this important campaign to raise money to fight cancer and provide hope to all people facing the disease.

It is heartwarming to know that so many of our fellow residents are dedicated to the society’s efforts to prevent cancer, save lives, and diminish suffering from the disease. We appreciate the volunteer drivers, onsite coordinators, and daffodil processors, as well as to everyone who supported this year’s Daffodil Days by purchasing flowers for their homes and/or offices or donating flowers to area hospitals and health care facilities. I must add special appreciation to the corporate sponsors who support Daffodil Days each year.

This year, we raised $11,180 to support the American Cancer Society’s research, education, advocacy and patient service programs.

Together, Dawson County is making a difference in the fight against cancer.



Responding to the other half

Although Joe Knoedler has presented another installment of his respect for my point of view, I have not finished responding to his first letter.

In my last letter, I left off halfway through his statement, “In case you haven’t noticed the Republican Party preaching about liberty and the pursuit of happiness, yet they refuse to let women have the right to choose, let people choose who they should marry, refuse the basic right to healthcare to millions of Americans, and to close our borders and keep innovation out of America.”

I’m guessing he thinks closing our borders and keeping innovation out are not things Republicans refuse to let happen, but things they want to do. Not being an English major myself, it took some effort to work through his assault on basic sentence structure. Republicans do want to close the borders to terrorists, criminals, drug smugglers and freeloaders—not to innovation as he suggests. After all, wasn’t it the illegal alien Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa who single-handedly transformed the American medical profession? Polls show that 75% of the voting public see the damage Obamacare is already doing to health care and want it changed. The Supreme Court will be deciding on it’s constitutionality this summer. I’m not going to beat a dying horse.

He wrote that these supposed refusals by Republicans sound like “...something a fascist dictator would do...” It’s not apparent that he knows the definition of fascism. Fascist tendencies are what Obama used to nationalize General Motors and Chrysler. While Obama lies about GM’s big comeback, it still owes $25 billion to U.S. taxpayers and has now sunk $400 million into the French car company PSA Peugeot Citroen which is “drowning in red ink.” How about the Bamster’s hot selling Chevy Volt? Production was halted at the same time he was upping the tax subsidy to $10,000. People don’t even want to buy them when their neighbors are chipping in 25% of the cost! Smells like the billion$ we lost in Solyndra and all the other green energy company failures. Analysts can’t believe anyone could be this incompetent. The only other explanation is that Obama is intentionally trying to destroy the economy. There is plenty of evidence to support that theory.

Knoedler asks “What is wrong with giving people...fair taxes...?” Is it fair when the “recipient class” (47-49%) does not pay any income tax but receives benefits that in many cases the “payer class” can’t take advantage of? Obama’s spewing of class warfare and promoting the food stamp program builds up the Democrat voter base. Pure democracy is the ability of 51% of voters to raise taxes on the other 49%. This is the reason the founders gave us a republic not a democracy. Read James Madison’s Federalist No. 10 ( and don’t let liberal educators tell your children otherwise (minds into mush).


Proud of talent & musical gifts

Gothenburg High School musical—What can you say?

We are so blessed to have the talent of our music instructor, Ernie Blecha, and all his assistants.

We had a the privilege of attending all three performances, and I was not the only one to attend more than one.

Wow! Our school can be proud of all the talent and gifts of music that were shared with our community. We do have great kids and we truly say, “Thank You” for everyone’s hard work and the support of our community to have this talent shared in Gothenburg, Nebraska—Thank you all!

Grandparents of one of the stars.


Most wonderful production

Well, the music department of Gothenburg High School did it again!

The most wonderful production of Meredith Wilson’s, “The Music Man.” So well performed—He would be proud.

Our thanks to the four directors and especially Ernest Blecha. We are truly blessed to have him for an instructor.

Keep up the good work, Gothenburg High School.




Gov’t should stand up for people

Neil Davis (02-29-12 letter) is claiming that my information is clearly misinformed. Well since that seems to be the case, let me begin by going over some facts.

The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA 1996). It clearly states in the bill that “ that the institution of marriage is between a man and a woman.” As of recent, the Senate has voted to repeal the act and unfortunately the Republican led House of Representatives, along with very moderate Democrats, are to scared of homosexuals to afford them equal rights of a married couple.

You say Mr. Davis that the government has no place in the institution of marriage. I beg to differ. If the government has no place in standing up for injustices against someone then blacks would still be riding in the back of busses and women would not have the right to vote.

It hasn’t even been 50 years ago that the government intervened and righted the injustices of millions of Americans. Heck you weren’t even allowed to marry a person of a different race in some states before that “little piece of paper” the Civil Rights Act of 1964. So, if the government doesn’t stand up for its citizens then what exactly is its job?

Now let’s focus a little on what he claims are radical judges overturning the Proposition 8 that I am inclined to think he is referring to. Yes it was overturned in San Francisco. The radical judges you are talking about have recused themselves several times declaring they don’t feel that they could represent the best judgment of the people of California.

Again, us Californians aren’t the only ones who believe the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. What about Washington, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont, the District of Columbia and, most recently, New Jersey? It seems to me that you are being fairly ignorant to believe that this argument is meant to rattle the cages of religion and their beliefs.

No homosexual goes around carrying signs if you don’t believe in homosexuality that you are bound for hell and that God hates them, and some even going as far as offering homosexual therapy. I, or anyone else, have no right to tell you what to believe in.

I never will but those of the religious community sometimes forget that little part of the Constitution claiming the separation of church and state. I have read the Constitution and find it quite offensive that you would think I wouldn’t. Just like Mr. Davis, I am just getting warmed up and I more than happy to defend myself against your very, again, biased and ignorant opinions.


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