Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Vandals destroy more than property

We look forward each Christmas season to put up lawn decorations of deer, carolers, angels and a Nativity scene.

On Sunday evening, Dec. 4, vandals destroyed a good portion of these. It is a shame that people young and old will not be able to enjoy them anymore.

Our prayers go out to the people that did this cruel destruction, as they are people filled with anger. Our hope is that the ones involved will voluntarily turn themselves in and accept the consequences. You may think no one witnessed or saw you, but be assured our loving God saw your actions.

This is the second time this destruction has happened in the last two years. With sadness—we will not replace them anymore.

If anyone has any information, please call our city police.


Recycling doesn’t merit class time

Recycling makes sense (11-02 article), but should it be a function of education? I think of how good intentions became the Environmental Protection Agency. Sure, it’s quite a stretch between those two points. What started out as an agency that gave us cleaner air and water, now has far reaching powers into almost every aspect of our lives.

Over 17,000 socialists, Leninists and general nanny busybodies, along with five people in black robes, have decided that the gas which supports plant life and in turn all living creatures, is a pollutant. They believe this gives them the power to literally control the air that we breathe. One of their latest attempts, was to force dust regulations on farmers.

I see merit in the school recycling project as it pertains to acquiring organizational and business skills, etc. Students sitting around, peeling labels off of plastic bottles (?)—not so much. Property taxpayers can tell me it’s none of my business. I just think it’s a distraction from more important learning experiences.

Our educators and students do deserve congratulations. Recent articles in The Times show how our students exceed state graduation and (on most levels) testing rates. Unfortunately, this is not the case nationwide (a much lower graduation rate around 70%).

A report issued by America’s Promise Alliance, found that “...only about half (53%) of all young people in the nation’s 50 largest cities are graduating from high school on time.” Reports show that one third of those who do graduate (most with a GPA above 3.0) need to take remedial (developmental) classes, mostly math and English, before entering college. If they enroll in an “elite” university, they have a good chance of being indoctrinated by leftwing, Marxist, America-hating professors like Obama’s buddy, Bill “the bomber” Ayers.

I looked at the results of a study claiming, college makes students more liberal, but not smarter about civics. I also looked at an online civics test. Not surprisingly, comments I read on liberal blogs, denied the major bias of professors in academia (re-writing history). Only a few were honest enough to admit that the study wasn’t slamming liberalism and that more than likely, conservatives didn’t score any higher on the tests.

In my mind, diminished study of history has damaged the country. If you don’t know history, you don’t know the sacrifices that were made and therefore take for granted what made this country the greatest experiment in the history of the planet. Don’t expect a sudden outbreak of patriotism on campus.

The president received applause and cheering for his speech at Columbia University. Oh wait, that wasn’t our president. That was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, who calls for the destruction of Israel and thinks that the United States is the “great Satan.” When our president speaks to college students, he tells them Wall Street stands in the way of their education. Voila! Occupy Wall Street, gives us an ongoing look at the idiocy of socialism on parade.

Neil A. Davis, Gothenburg


Student write letters to editor

The Times is participating this week with senior English class members who have submitted letters to the editor.

The class, co-taught by Carol Keiser and Roxanne Whiting, is structured to provide students with real-life English skills.

“This unit is based on the newspaper and the conceptual difference between news and opinion,” Whiting said. “We utilize the writing process by having the students write a letter to the editor. The students may select the school newspaper or the Gothenburg Times to submits their letters.

“It is a practical way for students to use their writing in a real-world setting as well as an awesome opportunity to let their opinions be heard.”

The student contributions are:

School should add trap shooting

I think trap should be a school sport. Trap is a sport just like football, volleyball, golf, track and so on. The school pays for uniforms for those sports. They hire and pay for someone to coach those sports. We already have a Gothenburg Trap Team and we practice right outside of Cozad. There are a lot of kids that are on the Gothenburg Trap Team. We also have two coach’s that coach us kids. They take time out of their days and jobs to coach us kids.

As a lot of people would say trap would not be a school sport because it has to deal with guns. When kids bring up the word guns in schools people begin to get nervous. I would say that the kids that participate in this sport/events, of Trap Shooting are responsible. For who’s around them and following the rules in the handbook.

One fact that not so many people would know is that Terry Brenzel a state conservation officer and also director of the Cornhusker Trapshoot says “That in his 42 years of these events that he holds that there has never been a single accident. Like I said earlier the kids that are around these guns are responsible. They are not just out running around with a gun chasing people.

Any kids out there in the school system can be on the Trap Team as long as they have had Hunter Education, and have passed it. Our team that we have right now starts with 8th graders and ends with seniors. It’s a way to keep kids out of trouble. It’s after school just like any other sport. If you get in trouble you will be kicked off the team.

Some kids that have been on the team that have graduated from school have said it makes a difference in a person’s life. It opens up all different kinds of eyes. You never know until you try something if its not for you then you can drop out. But like I’ve said earlier all kids that are on the team are responsible.

All I’m asking for is for the school to announces when our shoots are. Maybe put up some of the awards that we win as a team. Its not like were going to be shooting on school grounds. There are kids in this sport that are not in any other sport, and I think its about time we give them some credit and let them be recognized. This is why I think Trap should be a school sport.

According to Mr. Evans, “Trap is not a school sport because no one like coaches or teammates have asked for the school to be a sponsor for the team. He also said it would be more of a question for Mr. Ryker.”

Alisha Simants


Foster care alternative needed

If your parents aren’t able to care for you then you should be able to live on your own.

Being in foster care isn’t a fun thing. Foster parents can kick you out, then you end up in a group home. Many people bounce from house to house, or from school to school. Foster care has a way of letting you lose contact with your family members.

If you have a job you should be able to care for yourself and live on your own. Sometimes being on your own is better for the person. When you’re raised in a home where you have to fend for yourself it’s how you want it to be. If you have a reliable job, and know how to mange money and pay bills, and get things done on time, it should not be a big deal to live on your own.

Being placed in homes where you don’t know the people. I have experienced this myself and its not fun, it’s quite scary and nerve racking. We tend to get attached to the foster parents, they can change their mind in a quick second and you, could not be living there anymore. When you don’t know the people you are living with, you can’t gain trust easy.

Being in a foster home or in the system, isn’t a fun thing at all. I am a person who is in this situation, and I am close to the age of 18 and I would rather be living on my own than being in people’s houses I don’t know, or getting bounced from house to house.

Kendra Karaffa


Student harassment neglected

I believe the school board needs to take harassment between classmates more seriously. There are many reasons why this problem needs to be taken care of more often in school.

Have you ever been treated so badly that you want to stop everything and anything that you’re doing and quit? I think this is one of the top reasons this problem needs to be dealt with, because it has happened to me. I, myself, have been harassed for 6 years; it can cause kids to drop out of school as it almost did me 2 times during my sophomore year. Did you know that 1.4% of Gothenburg High School students dropped out last year according to Local School Direcory.com and 6.2 Million students dropped out in Nebraska alone in 2009 and that 26% of all students don’t graduate?” Harassment happens all the time. It can happen in places where you can’t see it. The kids that get harassed are afraid to say anything to anyone because they have been threatened, if they do tell someone then something bad will happen. Walking into school knowing you’re going to get harassed is not right. It makes you hurt inside and just not want to be there. This could cause the kids being harassed to want to hurt themselves.

This leads to my second reason why harassment needs to be taken very seriously. Hurtful words come from the harassers; for example, they may comment on how you look, or how you talk just to be down right mean to you. So, in the minds of the harassed they say to themselves “I am done. I can’t take it anymore.” These truly mean remarks can make them start hurting themselves to see that it will lead to cutting, thoughts of suicide, taking drugs and many other things to see if that will make everything all better, but in the long run it just hurts them, not anyone else. The National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center estimates that nearly 30 percent of American youth are either a bully or a target of bullying.” This leads me to my next thought of reasoning about harassment.

The students that get harassed then can turn the table. Instead of getting bullied or harassed, they might think about joining some kind of gang to ease their pain. According to Answers.com “12.7 million people join gangs each year.” Kids think that getting revenge on those who harass them is not a bad thing and it will heal the hurt they have endured, but in reality hurting others is wrong. When young teens join gangs, people think they are bad kids but actually they are the victims. These young kids are teens that have suffered types of emotional stress and bullying. Teens that are bullied often act out by getting others to be there for them and even though they are there for each other, they may end up in jail or dead. Believe it or not bullying can lead to death or serious injury.

In conclusion harassment leads to many bad things, and can cause a lot of hurt to one person. I hope I have sealed your mind on whether harassment needs to be taken more seriously....Ask the school board to take action.

Julie Garza

Cell phones appropriate in school

I believe that it is time that Gothenburg High School students should be allowed cell phones in school. I have some reasons of why I think they should be allowed cell phones. Emergency calls, making plans, and lots of uses in the classroom are my three main points of this topic.

To begin, if a student had an emergency, then you could sit there in class and text your parents without leaving or interrupting class. If a family member has been in an accident or has died, then your parents wouldn’t have to take the time to call into the high school, push a few buttons to get connected, and then wait for someone to answer and be transferred to the classroom. All they would have to do is call the cell phone and their child would be the first to answer. If students were allowed cell phones in school, then the school wouldn’t have to pay unnecessary cash to put up phones in the hallway that have a chance of getting broke.

Students are always trying to make plans. If a student wanted to make plans for the lunch hour, then they could do it throughout the first half of the day. They could use their cell phone and text someone in the classroom. As long as their phone was on vibrate, no one in class would be disturbed. Also, teachers usually just don’t let students out of class to use a hall phone; therefore, cell phones being allowed in school would be awesome.

Cell phones would have many uses in a classroom. If you had a cell phone you could use the Internet if you had a research paper to be done. The schools wouldn’t have to spend so much money on new computers every single year. Cell phones have a ton of applications on them; for example: calculators, Internet, and calendars. You can make reminders about homework assignments/projects that are due. It could help get things done on time because students are always on their phones. The new cell phones have apps you can download and some of them can help a student with school. School’s wouldn’t have to waist school money for phones to be put up in the hallways and it would be one less bill for them to pay.

Shelby Schmeeckle


Front plate not necessary

Older and restored vehicles should not be required by law to have a front license plate. First of all, the license plate is costly; in some states they are ugly and look stupid; and they are not required by other states around Nebraska. The license plate in our state is very ugly and many people I have talked to agree that it looks stupid. Also, there are other states around us, such as Kansas, that aren’t required to have the front plate. Having only one plate would reduce the cost to make them as well the cost and tax to purchase them.

Secondly, the looks of a vehicle are diminished by the front plate. Some people have nice chrome bumpers and are required to cover them up just to have the license plate. Also, the looks of the vehicle are hindered due to the ugly piece of metal on the front. Not only does it cover up the chrome bumpers, but they are also rather large and cover up a big portion of the vehicles beauty.

Now many people don’t have the original bumpers that come with the license plate mount. So, that means the custom bumpers are ruined due to drilling holes for attaching the license plate. A lot of the custom bumpers that are available don’t come with a place to attach the plate so not only do you have to drill holes to attach it if you do put one on it takes away from the looks of the bumper. Finally, I just bought a new body kit for my 1989 Trans Am and it has nowhere to put the license plate so either I put it on and ruin the work I took to put the bumper on or I just leave it off. I personally chose just to leave it off so it is up it the front window.

In order to save money and the true beauty of so many people’s hard work, the front license plate should not be required in Nebraska.

Levi Walker


Allow hats in school

I think hats should be able to be worn if you want when you go to school. Every other public business allows you to wear them if you want to. In school however it is a rule that you cannot wear them, unfortunately most schools don’t allow people to wear hats, some do though.

If you think about it if you were to walk in to the City office you aren’t exactly told to take your hat off, but it’s just a sign of respect, it should be that way when you go to school so it shows that your school has that amount of respect. I think that schools should promote the use of hats and other things such as iPods and cell phones because if you think about it most students like to listen to music when studying and participating in school activities. Their use of their own type of music probably would be best for them. But basically all I’m saying is that when you express yourself your more likely to get better at what you are trying to do.

One thing that I completely don’t get about small town schools is that their is no gang affiliations so there should not be a problem with hats and gang symbols. 12.7 million people get recruited into gangs, recruitment isn’t so known in small towns however they still put this into fact of a rule of safety. I think that it shouldn’t be that way only if the population of the town is above 15 thousand. Therefore hats should be worn in small towns schools.

Hats are a good thing to have in your school system because it will express your students.

Lance Miesbauer


Cops harass kids too often

I think cops should just leave kids alone when they are just sitting at the top of lake or down at the bubble.

We’re not doing anything wrong just being there. We’re just sitting there talking and hangout, it’s a place for us kids to hang by ourselves. We can’t get into any trouble really just sitting there.

Cops should pay attention to other things than just us. Just last weekend Levi and I were sitting up at the bubble and one of the cops pulled up for nothing but to look into our vehicles. They’re getting in trouble for coming and checking our vehicles anyway.

How far can cops go when checking or looking at kids vehicles? They can’t really do anything without a search warrant or if they asked their above officer. They also can if they have a probable reason or suspicion to do so but they can use that excuse all the time.

How many times have kids been pulled over for nothing but just suspicion of activity.

Jesse Baxter


Sebelius gains too much power

It was nice of Penny Fattig to showcase my opinion, by listing quotes of my opposition to entitlements in her last letter. The Supreme Court ruling wasn’t my opinion however.

Oddly, I didn’t see the quote that she holds in contention, in that list. I don’t think Penny understands what she wrote. Believing in something, is having faith or confidence in it’s existence, not whether you agree or disagree with it.

“Neil Davis has stated that he does not believe in entitlements...” is a very definitive statement. Failure to show where I made that statement, also makes it a false one. By Penny’s standard, I could write this about her last letter. Penny Fattig has stated that the best health care plan for wealthy people, is to get old, sick, disabled or injured.

In response to a past letter where I quoted her, she wrote, “I thought it quite cute the way Neil Davis copied the typos to a “T” in my last letter...” Apparently, the editor couldn’t read her handwriting. I used a computer operation called “cut and paste” to take her words directly from The Times’ website. How would I know what she actually wrote? I didn’t make up statements of my own (putting words in her pen).

Here are more reasons Obamacare needs to be killed and the Dept. of Health and Human Services diminished. Obamacare has 700 references to the secretary “shall,” 200 to the secretary “may,” and 139 to the secretary “determines,” giving HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the power of a dictator. Sebelius (who has the compassion of Pol Pot) has proposed a rule demanding insurance companies submit detailed health care information about their patients to the federal government. This is the information that the “death panels” will use to determine whether you are worthy enough to live (or not).

Do you think the government will hold your medical records in confidence? Do you remember when your Social Security number used to be private? Forget about that bank loan for your brain transplant. With Obamacare, Granny will be turned down at the movie store, fearing litigation when her bum ticker doesn’t make it through an action film.

My parents were far from wealthy. Before government involvement in health care, our family used the services of a doctor, then he got paid. People make payments on homes, cars, etc. without forcing their neighbors to pitch in. What’s the difference with health care? The best health care plan is one developed between you and your doctor.

Neil A. Davis, Gothenburg


Don’t get sick is best health plan

In Neil Davis’ last letter, he said that he has never stated that he doesn’t believe in entitlements. Let me quote from some of his previous letters to the editor, and you be the judge.

“Let’s just forget that it’s all unconstitutional...” (Social Security, disability, unemployment compensation, Medicare, etc.).

“Penny Fattig doesn’t see to see a difference between constitutional amendments and FDR stuffing the Supreme Court to push through unconstitutional enactments like Social Security...”

“How could this be possible with all of Penny’s glorious entitlement programs. Government robs us blind, then like Penny’s hero FDR throws back some coins...”

“The Supreme Court in Flemming vs. Nestor (1960) established that no one has any legal right to Social Security benefits.”

“Medicaid is an parasite, coming up out of a monetary black hole, sucking the life out of the economy.”

“The federal government has no authority to take care of our elderly, educate our young people, or feed us.”

“As someone who opposes entitlements in the first place, I think it’s stupid to employ government-run health care...” (Aug. 11, 2011).

These are all comments from Neil’s past letters.

I guess the best health care plan must be...Don’t get old, sick, be disabled or injured unless you are wealthy.

Penny Fattig, Gothenburg


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