Prescribed burn tour

VIEWING RESULTS: During a tour of land south of Gothenburg involved in a prescribed burn this spring, two dozen participants viewed what pastures looked like prior to and after the burns. Burn boss Mark Alberts said the burns help eliminate invasive species like the Eastern Red Cedar that removes natural grassland for grazing and wildlife. Alberts said fields moderately grazed and treated with periodic burns are more drought tolerant, more diverse in plant and wildlife species, more productive in late summer, at less risk for summer wildfire, runoff and erosion. Landowners also shared information about burning and how it works for them. Burns featured during the May 31 tour were on land owned by Jim Dalrymple, Dennis Berke, Brad Turner, Richard Fixemer, Kermit Smith and Jonathon Garwood. Pictured in pasture owned by Jim and Connie Dalrymple are, l-r: Bob Fisher, Kerry McPheeters, Clark McPheeters and Roland Lauer. The burns were conducted by the Central Platte Rangeland Alliance.