Don’t panic

Emerald ash borer in state but not yet in Gothenburg.

Certified arborist Jeff Kennedy has advice for homeowners worried about the emerald ash borer killing their ash trees.

“Don’t panic,” said Kennedy, who is also a member of the city’s tree board.

Not unexpected, the insect was discovered in southeast Omaha in early June and on private property in Greenwood last week, the first confirmations in Nebraska.

Nebraska Forest Service officials (NFS) said the borer has already killed millions of ash trees in 26 states.

“Once the borer is found in an area, most ash trees are killed within 10 to 15 years,” Kennedy said. “Upwards of 80% of ash trees will die within eight years if the borer is found in a community and nothing is done to manage the pest.”

Kennedy said about 125 (8.3%) of Gothenburg’s 1,500 public trees are ash.











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