Youngsters play, wallow, slide in mud

International Mud Day aims to connect children around the globe through the earth. Connect with others on the 29th of June. Play in mud!


Some children stirred black gruel on a makeshift stove while others felt for treasures in murky water.

Several slid down a driveway on mud slides as sludge dried on butcher block paper that was taped to a house, under a sign that read “Mud Day 2016.”

“It’s fun,” said Swaisen Mroczek about celebrating the June 29 event at the home of day care provider Suzanne Holmes.

Mroczek, 8, said she enjoyed making mud pies the best at Suzie’s Mud Pie Cafe, a long table created by Suzanne’s husband, Jay Holmes, complete with oven dials and painted on burners.

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