More protected play at Building Blocks

NEW GROUND COVER: Children at Building Blocks Child Care Center & Preschool enjoy the spongy rubber from recycled tires under playground equipment.

Building Blocks director Donna Portiner, her husband Greg and parent volunteers worked for about 17 hours last weekend to replace the sand surface with recycled rubber.

Portiner said sand carried in by youngsters was damaging carpet inside the building and parents complained of children bringing it home in their shoes and clothes.

Portiner said the new surface is also safer than sand if a child should fall. Center officials have raised about $1,000 to pay for $6,500 of recycled rubber. They also received $2,100 in a matching state grant and now seek about $2,633 in donations to help to pay for the project and some installation costs such as borders around the rubber.

For more information or to donate, call Portiner at 537-2633.