A Post-it Note proposal

Relatives, holidays, faith brings them together.

Marrying someone four years younger wasn’t on the radar screen for Lindsay Evans.

Lindsay knew Levi Fickenscher, who was a classmate of her sister Brittany, but never gave it a second thought when she packed up her bags for Hastings College.

“There was no spark at that time,” said the 2002 graduate of Gothenburg High School. “He was an eighth grader when I was a senior.”

Levi, a 2006 GHS graduate, also attended Hastings College until transferring to a college in Minnesota and later to Omaha where he graduated from a massage school.

Their paths didn’t really begin to intersect until Levi’s cousin, Brett Sall of Lexington, married Brittany.

The wedding and subsequent family get-togethers and holidays brought the two together.

“I remember that we would always flirt and somehow find a way to talk to one another,” Lindsay recalled.

At the time, Levi said he thinks they had crushes on each other but never thought seriously about becoming a couple because of the age difference.

Lindsay also believes it wasn’t the right time.

“We were both finding out who we were in Christ,” she said.

Circumstances changed during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday in 2009 when the two found themselves spending time together—without Brittany and Brent.

A spark started to ignite as they played basketball, went ice-skating and enjoyed some good heart-to-heart talks.

Their first official date, according to Levi, was Jan. 9, 2010 when they went to Cheeseburger & Paradise restaurant and to Scooters in Omaha where they played cards.

Lindsay remembers beating Levi in a card game called Speed. They also played a question game where the couple asked and answered “every question you can think of under the sun.”

“Levi was so easy to talk to, there was never an awkward turtle moment,” she said.

Early in the relationship, Lindsay knew Levi was the man for her.

“We had probably dated for three months or so, but when you know, you know,” she said. “God brought him into my life at the perfect time.”

Levi shared the same sentiment.

“We were always in the relationship for marriage, but we didn’t know when it would happen,” he said.

At about six months, they first told each other: “I love you.”

“I knew earlier than that but that was when I really started to think about when I was going to propose,” Levi said.

What attracted Levi to Lindsay was her faith.

“She loves the Lord with all of her heart and I knew that if it wasn’t her that I was going to end up with, then it was going to be someone who had a faith like her,” he said.

Levi described Lindsay as making him a better man of God.

“She is very strong, great with kids and outgoing and fun. I know that I will always have a good time when we are together,” he said. “She is also the easiest person to talk to. We’ve never had an awkward conversation.”

Lindsay said Levi has all of the qualities and more she wanted in a mate, noting that her standards are high and she wasn’t going to settle for anything less.

His best quality?

“He loves Jesus,” she said, adding that her future mate is also funny, goofy, genuine and has a big heart. “He loves sports, is close to his family and treats women with respect.”

Levi balances her, Lindsay said, because he’s more laid-back, spontaneous and shy at times.

“I’m more outgoing, loud and a planner so he’s definitely my better half,” she said. “He completes me and I’m very blessed to have him as my future husband.”

She said she wouldn’t change anything about Levi since he complements her so well.

“He makes me want to be a better person and when I’m not around him, I don’t feel complete,” Lindsay said. “He’s my other half, my better half.”

Once a plan to propose began to take shape in Levi’s head, he asked permission of Randy and Janet Evans to marry their daughter.

Even though Randy is Levi’s former high school principal, he said the conversation was not awkward although he felt somewhat nervous about asking the question.

When the time came to propose to Lindsay, her love of Post-it Notes helped him come up with a unique idea.

The colorful square-shaped pieces of paper, which Lindsay describes as her fetish, has been a part of their dating life.

In fact, for anniversaries the past year, she said Levi has always made her Post-it Notes creations such as a Post-it Note picture frame and calendar.

But what happened on Oct. 23—her 24th birthday—was the Super Bowl creation of Post-it Notes.

On that day, Levi invited Lindsay to his apartment for breakfast, telling her she had to call him on the phone when she arrived.

“He walked me to his door and had me close my eyes. I didn’t really know what to expect, maybe some balloons and confetti,” she said. “Boy, oh boy, was I wrong.”

She opened her eyes and all three walls were covered in different colors of bright Post-it Notes with romantic words.

“It was fantastic and I was in Post-it Note heaven,” Lindsay said. “Needless to say I was shocked. He definitely surprised me.”

After Lindsay regained her composure, Levi sat her down and read her a five-page poem about their journey together.

The last line said, “I can’t wait any longer for you to become my wife.”

Levi then walked to the window and flipped the blinds to show a message, in Post-it Notes of course, that read: “Marry me.”

When Lindsay turned to look at him, Levi had dropped to one knee, flashed a ring and popped the question.

“I said ‘yes.’ ”

“It was the perfect proposal and the best birthday ever,” Lindsay said.

Later, she discovered her fiance had spent 8 hours and used more than 3,000 notes to create

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