Kids write about wish for their Moms

Six winners have been named in the Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce sponsored essay contest, “If I Could Grant my Mom One Wish, It Would Be...”

The Chamber’s retail/promotion committee is in charge of the annual contest.

The winning entries included:

Sureyma Wozny

Submitted by Destiny Sabin, first grade.

“If I could grant my mom one wish, it would be...a DVD of her as a baby. It will make her face happy too! We would have a good time.”

Julie Rickertsen

Submitted by Maddox Rickertsen, second grade.

“If I could grant my mom one wish, it would have my brother not have to go to the hospital in Cleveland, OH.

I want my mom to have this because I know she gets frustrated. And I know it hurts my brother when he has surgery. My mom really deserves this! And I feel really bad for mom and Jax! 1. She does the dishes. 2. She does the laundry. 3. She makes my bed (sometimes).”

Mia Houchin

Submitted by Mina Houchin, third grade.

“If I could grant my mom one wish, it would be to take my mom to Arkansas to see her sister and nephews.

My mom helps me with my homework and fixes my hair for dance. She also fixes my dance costume. She cooks good food for my family. My mom tucks me in at night.

She is a great Mom.”

Cathy Cary

Submitted by Renee Cary, fourth grade.

“If I could grant my mom one wish, it would give her a ticket and money to see my uncle Rone and uncle Rike. She hasn’t seen them since grandma passed away.

It would be very special to her, they are her brothers. She has six siblings. That’s the wish I would grant for her on Mother’s Day.”

Cami Eberle

Submitted by Joey Eberle, fifth grade.

“If I could grant my mom one wish, it would give her three adult elephants and four baby elephants. Hence, I grant my mom this wish for several reasons.

First, my mom loves elephants. She is probably the BIGGEST elephant fan I know. She deserves this more than anyone on the ENTIRE planet. If she came home to a back yard full of elephants, she would freak (love it).

A second reason is, she tries in every way to help the environment. Also, she needs this because where she works can be scary and dangerous. She takes on a LOT of stress. I think if I did this, she would think I am the best son ever. And what makes her happy makes me happy. Seeing her so happy with seven elephants would make the neighbors jealous...But what do I care what the neighbors think...It’s the thought that counts.

For many of these reasons, if a zoo called and they said, “we have seven extra elephants, will you take the extra?” I would say, “YES” for my mom’s sake.”

Kim Nielsen

Submitted by Sabrina Nielsen, sixth grade.

“If I could grant my mom one wish, it would be to get my mom the house we lost. We lost our house last year in the fire. The house caught on fire on January 1st. My mom put a lot of work and time in designing the house. She watched the house and the memories in the house burn. She couldn’t do anything to stop the fire. The fire started in my room and the fire department put the fire out two times. If I could grant the one and only wish, it would be this—she did nothing wrong to lose her house like that. She is a good mom who has loving girls and she didn’t need this to happen to her home. She’d be granted the wish to get her house back to her.”